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David Abrams: A Holocaust Survivor

No description

Jacob Randall

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of David Abrams: A Holocaust Survivor

By Jacob Randall David Abrams: A Holocaust Survivor David Abrams Liberation David was born December 8th of 1928. He was born in the town of Dej in Romania. He was born into a Jewish family and was Jewish his whole life. David had four sisters named Olga, Ethel, Liebe, and Irene. He also had three brothers and their names are Ezekiel, Yehuda, and Zev. When David was thirteen his hometown of Dej was turned into a non-Jewish community. During this time his town was run by the Hungarians and they passed the non-Jewish law which stated no Jew could own a business or employ non Jews. Soon after this the Jews were forced to wear a Star of David to show they were Jews. His hometown was turned into a ghetto. The Ghettos One year after the town was turned into a ghetto it was liquified and they moved all the Jews to Auschwitz. Auschwitz was the worst concentration camp. At Auschwitz David was selected for forced labor and was separated from the rest of his family. Auschwitz This is the second concentration camp David went to and it would not be his last. David was transferred to Mauthausan one week after he arrived at Auschwitz. At this camp he was forced to build canals and build tunnels. Mauthausan In April of 1945 there was a rumor that the Allied forces were closing in. So, the prisoners from Mauthausan and Gusen went on a death march to the concentration camp called Gunskrichen. After a couple of month the camps guards disapered and the United Stated came and liberated the camp. At this time David was sixteen years old.
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