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Germany Culture

No description

Joe Ackerson

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Germany Culture

Germany Culture
Society:the aggregate of people living together in a ordered community
ex:Germany society
Genres:electronic,hip hop,rock,metal,opera,
Festivals:mayday,melt and Fusion,rock am,ring and rock
27 million involved
soccer,lacrosse,handball,volleyball,basketball,ice hockey,tennis
Cultural Universals

:threaded penalty for disobeying
a law or rule ex:jail
Positive sanctions
: pleasant things done
to try to command behavior in a routine fashion
ex:friendliness rewarded with friendliness
Negative sanctions
:disapproval for
breaking a norm
ex:rudeness rewarded for rudeness
:the regard that something is held
to deserve important
Technology has allowed the german culture to become vastly modernized especially in the german industries,such as the volkswagon.German experimented with technology and engineering has been innovative .
Bread and cheese is a big part of breakfast and dinner
There is bakery's, dutch shops ,and supermarkets
Warm meal for meal at noon
Pork is most consumed meat
Larges meals followed by Kaffee and Kuchen (Coffee and cake)

Location:Central Europe
Population:81.89 million from 2012
Climate: Temperate and marine
Cool, cloudy, and wet winters
Occasional warm mountain wind
Time Period: Present
Bundesrepublik Deutschland
(Federal Republic of Germany)
Population growth rate at
.1% annual change
Berlin has a population of 3.5 million
Hamburg has 1.7 million
Various Germanic tribes and
Scandinavians occupied Germany
German empire established 1871
Nutella, Fanta, Sparking water
Business dress is formal attire,suits and ties for men.
Dress for women.
Fashion is influenced by many cultures in Germany.
Culture-the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectivity
Subculture-a culture group within a larger culture,often having beliefs or interests at variance with those of those larger culture.
Countercultures-a way of life and set of attitudes opposed to or at variance with the prevailing social norm.
Popular Games
Trick-talking brain games. Played for more than 200 years
32-card game
Got its first official mention in 1813
Now a national institution.
Greeting formal
titles are very important
most do not have a middle name
Food Habits
Family meals are set at a certain time everyday
must finish plate or scene as impolite
both hands on table
businesses close during lunch
Gift giving
Protestant 34%
Roman Catholic 34%
Muslim 3.7%
Very similar same roofs
great pride in homes
neat and tidy at all times
East Germany has older looking homes West has more modern ones.
Official Language:German 95% speak german
also saurian,danish,and turkish.
Bread,Sausages,cheeses,meats,potatoes,sparking water
Family Meals are a big deal
Small gift is polite
larger the gift he more public it should be
gifts are expected for social events
avoid expensive gifts
chocolates flowers and alcohol is important
avoid red roses,lilies,clothing,perfume,and beer
: something that is typical
ex: friendly,no small talk
Formal Norms
:Things that must be followed
ex: be dressed for occasion,the law
Informal Norms
: norms that don't need to be followed but are expected to be ex:respect,ask permission
:essential customs and conventions of a community
ex: be formal unless asked,ask before preceding
s:traditional behavior way of life in a community or group of people
ex: pigs means luck
One difference in german is they keep there doors closed while in the us we keep them open
In Germany there is very few drinking foundation and bathrooms have attendants in them
Once a decision is made in Germany it usually doesn't change
In German restaurants dogs are allowed to be there with there owners
The End
East Germany are older housing
West Germany has modern houses
Meals must be finished
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