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Alpha Delta Pi Ritual Workshop

No description

Peyton Williams

on 5 October 2014

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Transcript of Alpha Delta Pi Ritual Workshop

The Meaning of Ritual Alpha Delta Pi What we know... Down to its fundamental essence, Ritual is a system of values. Whether you realize it or not, your whole life is based of ritualistic patterns. We each have a set pattern of waking up, going to class, caf time (we all know it starts at 11 with social caf!), and other important aspects of our life. So, in reality, the idea of ritual is really nothing new or different to us. rit·u·al (n)- the established form of a ceremony; any customarily repeated act or series of acts If we rarely look at our Ritual and only dust it off to use at initiation, much of the value will be lost. Officers begin to fight over it and quickly memorize it causing ceremony to be done hastily and it is obvious to all (including our alphas) that Ritual is not our priority in the chapter. If no one can tell what our ritual is and just know how it is done, then we have lost a significant part of our Sorority. You can tell what ritual is, and why it is important, by the way it is used. If we read, study, and truly understand Ritual often, it will have a dramatic effect on the chapter. All members will know what the meaning of Alpha Delta Pi is and will know what they have to give to their sorority. This commitment will lead to becoming stronger other areas and becoming overall the best chapter we can be. In order to know what Ritual is really about, it must be perpetually used and studied. In other words, ritual is an instrument of self-evaluation. Our values are made clear on our secret motto, as well as our open motto. We truly do live for each other in all essence of the words. Our Ritual teaches us the importance of helping human beings, and this is a lesson that will remain within each of us and bring focus to our lives. If we effectivly live our lives by our motto, other will be able to know the meaning of our Ritual, not by reading the book, but by watching our example. But what is ritual really about?? We all know these (or we should):
the handclasp
the password
the sign The effectiveness of Ritual's message is in direct proportion to your knowledge and belief in its values. If you not only understand but believe in the message of ritual, it will affect the way you live your life. And it will affect the chapter. It si the indifference to adn the ignorance of its essential message that continues to stifle the growth of the sorority system. The message, guidance, values, and leadership the have been so long hidden in the pages of ritual are exactly what we need as we prepare to leave college and start the rest of our lives. By Knowing and understanding Ritual, many of the day-to-day problems of your chapter would be solved We each signed and agreed to the Obligations of Alpha Delta Pi during Initiation. We are about to re-read these obligations. As we read them, think about the promise you made to this chapter and your sisters. All of the problems that happen could be resolved if we just lived up to the responsibility we signed to. Why is Ritual Important? Ritual is a system of values whose purpose is not to make you a better sorority woman, but rather a better human being. What does this mean for us? From the time we start off as Alphas, we are being prepared for our initiation oath (we just do not realize it). During Alpha Member Ceremony, we say and sign the pledge to uphold the ideals of Alpha Delta Pi. It is during initiation that we learn the secret Ritual of Alpha Delta Pi. But first we read the Objects of Alpha Delta Pi, what the purpose of the sorority is, and what the sorority expects to give to its members. Once we know the objects, we are prepared to learn the secret motto and we pledge ourselves to this motto by signing the Obligations of Alpha Delta Pi. The Obligations The final step for an Alpha member is to sign the Obligations of Alpha Delta Pi. By this time we each know what the sorority expects to give to us, and by signing we understand what we must give in return. When signing the Obligations we are each promising to live up to the expectations of our Ritual, which will in turn make us each not only a better sorority woman, but also a better human being. Whenever a member fails to uphold our standards and ideals--by revealing our secrets, violating our bylaws or standards code, or speaking ill of another member, just to name a few-- she should be asked to review her Obligations. And, whenever we hear or read the Obligations it is a call for each of us to rededicate ourselves to the ideals of Alpha Delta Pi.
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