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My Diary, My Life - Liseth Alvarez

No description

Liseth Alvarez

on 13 February 2018

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Transcript of My Diary, My Life - Liseth Alvarez

My name is
Liseth Alvarez
and this is my
diary on my life

Introduction to my life
October 12, 2013
Today we were supposed to have a birthday party for my niece but i guess not since its going to rain. She doesnt deserve one anyways, shes been acting like a little brat and shes been talking back. I found out that her mom has been talking about me behind my back, but I really couldnt care less. Any who, I did this look for halloween and it turned out magical and creepy. This is one of lady gaga's famous looks off of the music video "bad romance". Well as my day goes on it gets worse, I just blocked a dude i truly loved and cared about, he makes me feel some type of way, but i guess its for the better, he probably didnt like me anyways. Life goes on.....
October 13, 2013
Today has been an okay day, even though Im still not over him. Anyways, today Im wearing heels for the first time and i havnt took them off since this morning. My parents said Im all grown up and that i never got the chance to experience a normal childhood. A lot of my friends said i missed on a lot being a child, for me my childhood was watching Dora the Explorer all by myself. Ive been alone my whole entire life and i want it to stay that way.
October 14, 2013
Everything today has really gotten to me, every where i turn theres always something i lose, from pencils to bestfriend, these two days without him has been horrible, I soon have to learn to be strong, I lost every thing that made me happy, I cant even breath without feeling like im about to faint, but its okay atleast he knows im sorry even though it doesnt fix anything...
I wont beat myself up i made this choice now i have to suffer the consequences even if it kills me....
A good day to wear black..
October 17, 2013
Yesterday, I was so mad because prezi wouldnt work on my computer so I skipped to today. So far my day has been okay but all these tests have got me stressed. Im not coming to school tomorrow, I can imagine the work they have for us. I sometimes hate being in optional because they always expect so much from us and make us feel bad when we do something wrong. Were human too you know! Yea, so i got back in touch with my buddy, and my bestfriend, I like that im not sad anymore. The pain has gone away thanks to them <3
October 18, 2013
Today my dog died, and i had to go to school. Atleast i know hes in a better place. I came to school in tears and people asked me whats wrongs and what happened when i didnt want to talk about it. Everytime somebody asks me that, the tears come back up. School has been okay, especially since ive been talking to him <3, but anyways the test was so hard, i didnt understand anything. It was like everything was in reverse, it was scary. Today i have after school dance practice and im mad because they cant get anything right! I change the dance EVERY SINGLE DAY! It pisses me off, but today im putting my foot down.
October 22, 2013
Its so boring right now, i dont understand what to do for my project and i have homework! This is so stressful! I wish paint could dry faster and look neater! I seriously need help but im afraid to get help because some people dont know how to paint -.-, So anyways my day has been okay, but im so tired,i fell asleep twice today in class, SHAME, But yea i need help and more time!
October 23-25, 2013
I always get raped by homework and projects. It seems like it calling my name! But anywhooo some girl was flirting with me today, yea im not lesbian but i think she is. It was scary because shes my friend. Like BITCH, No! But i couldnt really do anything about it, i mean she knows were friends and JUST FRIENDS. I dont know what was up with her today. But yea, we had our dance preformance today and yea they sucked but at the end they wanna do it right?! You must wanna get choked! Wasnt my day but i guess i have mexican pride.
Music Selection
October 28, 2013
Maybe i should wait on love....
Ive been noticing difficulties with trust issues and bs like that but its whatever. So school today was so awesome, especially after school! i got to hang with my guy friend i havnt seen in 5 years! I really missed him lol, he surprised me with a dandilion in his hand lol how sweet! He was super cool and hes still the same since when he left me in memphis. My friends were with us too, it was like all of us reunited lol. it was so awkward because he saw people playing soccer and he went to play too -.-t really?! you just got heree!
November 4, 2013
I havnt really had time to type on my diary due to school. So this past week ive been thinking that i should forget about relationships and focus on my education. Im fed up with all the drama these immature little boys cause, sometimes i believe im more mature than they are and there older -.- but yea, my goal this year is to graduate with straight A's and E's, i believe that this year i have became more organized and prepared., im ready for the real world, love can wait....
November 5-9, 2013
Well honestly this past week i felt like shit with all the drama and stuff but im letting go, im tired of my family problems, im tired of dudes being horny, im tired of girls fighting for a petty reason, tired of teachers giving us projects and homework on the same day, tired of getting in trouble for no reason, tired of being bullied, matter a fact im tired of living. It seems like all the drama comes back everytime i go to school. I really hope this pays off! i dont have no one to talk to because they always busy. Why cant i have friends that would actually talk to me, make me laugh and stuff. Im just tired of EVERYTHING!
December 2, 2013
Im so sorry to everybody who reads my diary i havnt really been feeling well, the depression is real. But last weekend i went over my friends house and my friends brother thinks i go out with my friend... -.- is it not okay that i have a dude thats a friend /.\
My whole life has changed..........
April 20, 2014
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