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Ford Motor Company

PCI Final Project

John Swanson

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company John Swanson
Ross PCI Marketing
Has a marketing firm
Markets through commercials, website, sporting events, sponsorships, car shows, etc.
Spent $197.3 million on sports advertising (2009) My Career Path Henry Ford in Detroit, MI
Built experimental car in 1986
Max of 20 mph
First production car in 1903
Ford Model A
Engine under the floor
Sold 1,708 models History 1904 built experimental race car
Capable of over 91 mph
Produced Model C then Model B same year
Model B $2000
Model K in 1905, Model N 1906
Model K $2500, Model N only $500
Finally, famous Model T 1909
“Tin Lizzie” $850
More than 15 million produced (1908-1927) History World War II slowed production
1949 production sped up
Influenced by invention of automatic transmission in 1950
Competition increased in 1960s
Lead to creation of 1964 Ford Mustang
Sold over 500,000 in first year and a half History Henry Ford started Ford Motor Company in 1903
About $28,000 in cash
Jan. 17, 1956
Ford stock sale
Over 10 million shares sold first day (22% of company)
About 65 plants worldwide
More than half sales from North America
2012 revenue: Over $134,000 Financials Owned part of multiple other companies:
1987: acquires 75% of Aston Martin
1989: spends $2.5 billion to buy Jaguar Cars
Loses about $2 million per year
Cost more than $10 million in investment and losses
1993: acquires 50% of Mazda
Ford’s stake worth $3 billion
1999: acquires Volvo
Cost Ford $6.45 billion Financials Market capitalization around $13 billion
Behind General Motors and Toyota
In comparison: Toyota’s market capitalization around $170 billion
Stock around $12-14/share
1999 was $40/share
2008 Ford lost $13 billion, most in company history What is Ford Worth? Alan Mulally
Current President and CEO, member of Board of Directors
Joined in 2006
VP of The Boeing Company
William Clay Ford Jr.
Former CEO
Focused on fuel efficiency and all other brands
Canceled production of Taurus Ford Motor Company Officers Became CEO in 2006
Reinstated production of Ford Taurus
Wanted company focus on “Ford” brand
Sold Jaguar, Land Rover, Aston Martin, Volvo, and stake in Mazda
Borrowed $23.6 billion as “a cushion to protect for a recession or other unexpected event.”
GM and Chrysler both went bankrupt during 08-09, Ford did not
2011 achievements:
Edison Achievement Award winner
2011 CEO of the Year by Chief Executive Magazine
Person of the Year by The Financial Times Alan Mulally 5th largest car company in the world
Largest family owned business in the world
1916 55% of cars on the road were Ford Model T’s
‘Peanuts’ characters first animated in Ford commercial
Spraying champagne after winning started when Ford’s GT40 placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in Le Mans race 1966 Facts About Ford Began in 1948
2012 accolades:
2012 Motor Trend Truck of the Year
4 time winner, more than any other truck
2012 Top Rated Light Duty Pickup
An Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Top Safety Pick
2011 Consumer Reports Guide ‘Best Buy’
Top selling truck in America for 35 years
35% of trucks registered this March were F-Series The Ford F-Series Created from 1971-1980
In rear-end collisions fuel tank would break off and burst into flames
Lead to 27 deaths
Considered one of the worst and most dangerous cars of all time The Ford Pinto Colin Farrell- Ford Bronco Nick Jonas (1968) Carrie Underwood Eminem 2003 Ford SportKa Banned TV Ad] Works Cited] Pictures Cited Matthew McConaughey- Lincoln MKX
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