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How to Identify or Develop the "Main Idea" in a Paragraph

This quick Prezi lesson goes over a few basic strategies for identifying and developing "main ideas" in paragraphs.

Carol Smith

on 2 November 2011

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Transcript of How to Identify or Develop the "Main Idea" in a Paragraph

What is a "Main Idea"?
I know what this means
I sort of know what this means
I don't know what this means.
The main idea tells us what we are talking about or representing visually, or in words.
The main idea answers the question, WHAT? What is this about?
In a PARAGRAPH, we can identify the main idea by looking for
key words
the first sentence or "topic" sentence
repeated words or phrases
A paragraph consists of a group of sentences that work together to support a main idea. There is generally ONE sentence which sums up the main idea or point of the paragraph. The other sentences provide “supporting details” which explain or tell the reader more about the main idea.
What is a "Paragraph"?
Main Ideas and Details: Practice Exercise
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