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Vincent Van Gogh Presentation

History Final

Savannah Stein

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of Vincent Van Gogh Presentation

Vincent van Gogh Early Life Born in Groot-Zundert, Brabant, the Netherlands in 1853 His parent's 1st born, also named Vincent, was born then died March 30, which was strangely the same day Vincent (artist) was born. this made him question his identity He loved nature. To catch insects and to watch birds His younger brother Theo and him developed a close bond and his brother helped him through most of his liife The Hague Summer of 1881-Vincent visits his parents and meets his cousin, Cornelia AdriannaVos-Stricker, aka Kee, he repeatedly try to advance thier relationship but she rejected each time.The next fall he decided to propse, she refused to see him. He even tried to show his love to her parents but her father also rejected him. Vincent later studied with Anton Muave at The Hague School and Anton taught him oil painting techniques Nuenen While living with his parents, Vincent made over 2oo paintings Many of his favorites were of peasants at work and landscapes. While working in the studios attached to his parents house, his techniques became more confident and fluent During the Industrial Revolution van Gogh started to paint weavers in hope of attracting attention to them as a valid subject matter Theo lacked enthusiam which caused tension between the brothers and Vincent began to accuse Theo of not trying hard enough to sell his art. Japanese Prints 1886- Vincent painted scenes of Paris In the 1850s Japan fascination had flourished in the West and ports were opened for trade "I envy the Japanese artists for their incredible neat clarity which all their works have." Although envious and interested in their work Vincent interpreted rather than copied their prints. Mental Turmoil 1888- Vincent cut off part of his left ear and gave it to a woman on the street. The next day he was taken to a hospital by police. Vincent was then diagnosed with epilepsy, alcholism, and schizophrenia Disheveled, eccentic, and frequently depressed was how he was described Landscapes 1888- Vincent painted the landscape "Starry Night over Rhone" "Starry Night over Rhone" was painted by Vincent while he was living in the asylum at Saint-Remy, at a time where he was very erratic He much preferred working outside rather than trying to work from his memory Died July 27th 1890 in Auver-sur-Oise, Franced. Died of gunshot wounds in his chest `
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