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edit today, then edit tomorrow, then again, and again......

Hunter Nichols

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of funny

Awwww! Brotherly love!
You said the G word!

Now for sum funeh lookalikes!
U Juts benz
I bet she was rejected from,
"So you think you can dance?".
Mommy, where'd the doggie go?
Mmmmmm FLESH!
I shoud eat meh letter soup so
I can tell him how good he tastes...
This isnt really funny;but its cool!
Its O.K. Chris, your not the worst trombone player ever, or are you?!
I seez da guy who took my bannana! Time to DIE BANNANAHOLIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I KNOW KARATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here is something I think you will like!!!
Just put the following people/characters in an
arena like the Hunger Games arena, and who do you think will win? Put in comments.
These are random people by the way, I personally dont think teletubbies are gonna win.
Hitler and Nepolean only had
Navy Seals :)
This guy-->
Again, please put your best bet in the comments!!!
If I am missing anybody just let me know!
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