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Sydney Opera House

Unesco Prezi Presentation

Amanda Anderson

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Sydney Opera House

Unesco Heritage Site Chosen: Sydney Opera House
Location: New South Wales, Australia
Year of Inscription: 2007 Reason(s) for being a Unesco Heritage Site: i) To represent a masterpiece of human creative genius. The Sydney Opera House I think that the Sydney Opera House fits under category (i) because the architecture is so unique, and original. Jørn Utzon (the architect) based the designs off of a sphere. There are 14 different "shells" that the Opera House is made out of, and if you pieced them all together they would make a sphere! WHERE IS THE SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE? Sydney Opera House what do you find in the sydney opera house? The Concert Hall
The Drama Theatre
The Studio Theatre
The Opera Theatre
The Playhouse There are many performances at the Opera House, so you may see an opera, ballet, the orchestra or one of the many touring groups that perform here.
You would find lots of tourists! Many don't even see a show, they just like to look at the amazing building.
The Opera House is on the shore, so many sailboats sail by. Things to Protect/Conserve: BIBLIOGRAPHY:

http://www.sydneyoperahouse.com/the_building/world_heritage.aspx Unesco Powerpoint Assignment
by Amanda Anderson The Sydney Opera House is located in Sydney, in New South Wales.
The arrow points to the city. The opera house is located on the shore of the Sydney Harbour. There are 5 main performance venues in the Sydney Opera House: The Concert Hall is the biggest, with 2679 seats. It is the home to the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. This is an inside view of the Concert Hall: Did you know that Sydney Opera House has around 1000 rooms? Of the 1000, they include:
five theatres
five rehearsal studios
two main halls
four restaurants
six bars
and numerous souvenir shops. This organ is actually the largest mechanical tracker organ in the world, with over
10 000 pipes!! There are many things to do at the Sydney Opera House. You can go see a show, such as a ballet, opera or symphony.

There are also backstage tours where you get to see what happens behind the scenes of the Opera House. Behold, a visual of how they cut out some of the shells for the Sydney Opera House. Behold, a picture showing how they cut out some of the shells for the Sydney Opera house.
There are 4 key companies that perform at the Sydney Opera House-
Opera Australia
Sydney Theatre Company
Sydney Symphony Orchestra
the Australian Ballet Did you know...The Sydney Opera House is one of the busiest performance venues in the entire world, hosting over 1200 performances each year! What should you do when at the Sydney Opera House? There is another tour available, called "Operas and Koalas" where you get to see all the backstage things at the opera house but then after you get to go on an Australian Safari! The Sydney Opera House is an architectural wonder, so the things that should be protected and conserved about it are architectural things. (from http://www.environment.gov.au/epbc/assessments/bilateral/pubs/soh-conservationplan.pdf) Things that should be conserved include:

the character and quality of the building- The Sydney Opera House is so unique and we should keep its uniqueness in good condition.
The integrity of the original structural systems- We should make sure it the building is structurally sound and able to be used for years to come.
Provide an approach to the conservation of deteriorating fabric- The Sydney Opera House has many curtains for their shows and the fabric needs to be treated so that it does not fray. Did you know...there was a design competition for the opera house to ensure the best design was made for the opera house.
Did you know...the original estimated cost of construction was $7 million US but the final cost was approximately $102 million!! the opera house in its construction stage Jørn Utzon was the eventual winner of this contest and his design is the one you see today!
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