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Isle Royale Flowers

Plants on Isle Royale

Energizer Bunny

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Isle Royale Flowers

Wild Flowers On Isle Royale The Eastern Columbine wildflower likes partial shade. Humming birds pollinate the Eastern Collumbine. The Harebell was called that because of the belief that witches used the juice from it to turn them into hares. The indian paintbrush is an edible flower. Eastern Columbine The Pipsissewa is used as a flavoring for candy and soft drinks. For the Spotted Coral-Root lacks in chlorophyll. Pale Corydalis can survive cold climates. The Fire weed is used as medicine by Native Americans. The Spurred Gentian gets its name from the spurs it has on it. The Wood Lily can grow up to be 30 to 90 centimeters. The Twinflower is a sub shrub.
Native Americans use the Twinflower for tea. The Large Purple Fringed Orchid lures butterflys with it's colors. The Large Purple Fringed Orchid likes marshy areas. The fireweed can be used as a tonic. Wood Lily Spurred Gentian Large Purple Fringed Orchid Spotted Coral Root Harebell Pale Corydalis Pipsissewa Twin Flower Fireweed Indian Paintbrush
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