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No description

serena hughley

on 21 June 2015

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Transcript of DADDY,

Here are a few of your favorite quotes to say.
" *slap* DIDN'T *slap* I *slap* TELL *slap* YOU* slap* TO *slap* CLEAN *slap* UP? MOVE YA HAND! *slap* "
" What are you more scared of? Me or the ( insert scary thing here)? "
" You got fast food money? "
" None of your business, 25 pennies, don't stick your nose in grown folks business"
"Children should be seen, not heard"

" You got one more time"
" *remote is in close range* Serena, pass me the remote"
"I love you"
Love you,
Serena :)
Everyone knows each and every one of the statements are said with love.
Not many Dads can do the magical things you do on a daily basis
Never think that the things you do go unnoticed.
I appreciate everything you do. I am glad I have this day to tell you.
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