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Business Cycle

No description

Hanna Johnson

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Business Cycle

Business Cycle- Celebrity Edition
Robert Downey Jr.
Amanda Bynes
Justin Bieber
Jennifer Lawrence
Celebrity Ex. Characteristics
Stage Characteristics
-Slow economy
-decrease in consumer purchasing
-increase in unemployment
-businesses close
-fewer taxes collected

Justin Bieber
-is still a pop star
-is fighting with lots of paparazzi
-causes conflicts in various areas
-being to go downward

-unemployment and business
meet their lowest point
-can turn into a depression
if it lasts long enough

Amanda Bynes
-substance abuse has caused problems
-has had DUI’s and charged with drug possession
-former Disney star
-reached the bottom of her career

-recovery from trough
-expansion of: employment, wages, profit and production
-investments are strong
Robert Downey Jr
-recovered from substance abuse and
-made his comeback in Iron Man
-making money and is more successful
than before his downfall.

-economy stops expanding and
starts to contract
-top of the business cycle

Jennifer Lawrence
-at the height of her career
-making lots of money from her roles in
X men and The Hunger Games series
-winning lots of awards
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