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Ritual Finger Amputation-Dani people of Papua, New Guinea

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on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of Ritual Finger Amputation-Dani people of Papua, New Guinea

Ritual Finger Amputation-Dani people of Papua, New Guinea
Mason Gray and Timothy Conley
When the eldest male of the house dies any women and children related to the deceased had to cut off fingers. They would tie them together and then cut them off with an axe.
The Tradition
They cut off their fingers because they believed it would please and chase away the spirits. Also it provided physical pain as a way to mourn
It was banned in New Guinea, however you can still see older tribe members without their fingers
Still Acceptable?
What we do in the U.S. differs greatly from what the Dani people do. We would never cut off our fingers to mourn a loved one, instead we have funerals and get-togethers to mourn with one another
Acceptability in the United States
What Would Morrie Think?
Morrie would not necessarily like the idea of causing self harm, but if the people truly believed it helped them mourn and get over the loss of a loved one, he would accept it.
Works Cited
"10 Bizarre Death Rituals from Around the World."

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The Ritual Finger Amputation was practiced in New Guinea until it was banned, because it was was violent and inhumane. It is viewed as one of the strangest death rituals ever practiced.
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