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Rabbit anaesthesia 101

No description

erasmus zu ermgassen

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Rabbit anaesthesia 101

The plan...

- Anaesthetic risks
- What makes a rabbit?
- Which protocol? Sources: http://www.scas.org.uk/1825/facts-and-figures.html; http://www.freegreatpicture.com/animal-collection/cute-rabbit-20482; http://www.apbc.org.uk/articles/destructiverabbits Rabbit Anaesthesia 101 Fourth most common UK pet

Commonly sedated/anaesthetised... - Radiography
- Neutering
- Dentistry Rabbits want to die... - A prospective cohort study
- 117 veterinary practices between 2002-04
- 8209 anaesthetised/sedated rabbits Anaesthetic mortality risk: Source: Brodbelt et al. (2008) Vet Anaes. Anal. Rabbits are small... a) Large SA:V ratio
b) High metabolic rate
c) Low blood volume: 55-70ml/kg http://www.dkimages.com/discover/previews/995/760287.JPG a) small lung field

b) diaphragm compression

c) subclinical Pasteurellosis

d) respiratory depression

- Oxygen delivery Hindgut fermenters... ILEUS fluid accumulation hypovolaemia tympany hypoglycaemia - Fluid maintenance 4ml/kg/h
- Adequate analgesia
- Do not fast
- Metoclopramide (0·5 mg/kg SC q8h)
- Syringe feed & offer food Source: Longley (2008) Anaesthesia of Exotic Pets Source: http://img2.etsystatic.com/006/0/6970019/il_fullxfull.376462206_fvhg.jpg Anaesthetic gas delivery... a) Mask

b) Intubation

c) Laryngeal mask - 4/6 PPV gastric tympany
- 1/6 refluxed Sources: Bateman et al. (2005) Vet. Anae. & Anal.; Grint (2009) JSAP; Martinez et al. (2009) Vet Record Intubation a) Blind b) Visualisation - narrow gape; long incisors & fleshy tongue; narrow glottis; laryngospasm common - 53/54; 43/50; 51/94; Sources: Martinez et al. (2009) Vet. Record; Aeschbacher & Webb (1993); Grint and Murison (2008) ...Anaesthetic protocols Volatile Agent induction Apnoea - e.g. 0.25mg/kg, 10mg/kg respectively

- Hypoxia: preventilate with oxygen

- Opioid exacerbates hypoxia

- Wait 40 mins before reversing medetomidine a) medetomidine & ketamine +/- butorphanol/buprenorphine SC Sources: Hvedenqvist et al. (2002) Vet. Anae. & Anal.; Kim et al. (2004) Exp. Anim. a) medetomidine & ketamine
+/- butorphanol/buprenorphine SC b) fentanyl & fluanisone IM
+/- midazolam/propofol induction - Vasodilation: ease of catheterisation

- Good sedative protocol

- Fentanyl reversible Propofol vs midazolam 54 rabbit neuterings

No difference in ease of intubation

Propofol: better recovery Fentanyl & fluanisone Source: Source: Brodbelt et al. (2008) Vet Anae. Anal.; http://budgie-care.com/images/gallery/4.jpg 1 in 6 budgerigars died under anaesthesia Rabbit lungs... ...rabbits are small - Large SA:V ratio

- High metabolic rate Hypoglycaemia

- Low blood volume
20% blood loss = 11ml in 1kg rabbit Source: Martinez et al. (2009) Vet. Record Source: http://www.nationalgeographicstock.com/comp/04/445/1097688.jpg - 6% at induction
- 30% during maintenance
- 64% in the 48h post-op ...any questions?
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