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Journey to Adoption

Change Management

Natascha Walker

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Journey to Adoption

Planning the Journey to full adoption Getting Ready for Change Before Go Live... What do Managers need to know?
And when do they need to know it?

...Workday is coming
...HR Services is the source for HR support for managers and employees
...Coverage is still here for your strategic HR needs What do we expect managers to DO differently?
Call HR Services for support
Call Coverage for strategic needs
Tell employees... (what messages?) ...Workday is live
...Taleo is live
...HR Services is open - Over time, adoption will increase and new behaviors become the norm. Day ?? When do we expect to see changes like these? Day ?? All desired behaviors adopted, and it's just the way we do things now

Business benefits ($$ and intangible) are realized What do Employees need to know before Day 1?

Where to go for HR support
Begin to use Employee Self Service

What would happen if we did nothing to prepare employees?
... critical messages?
... preparation actions required?

How would that impact HR Coverage? Day 1 How about employees?
Call HR Services for...
Use Self Service for... What do we expect HR Professionals to DO differently?
Use new systems - Workday & Taleo
Direct managers to HR Services or MSS for transactions
Direct employees to HR services
Support managers... (?) New Behaviors like:
Managers and employees routinely using new tools and HR services
HR professionals using new systems proficiently
...and no longer receiving calls from managers for administrative requests
HR is freed up to begin taking on strategic HR tasks, like... How quickly do we need this to happen?
And what do we need to do to get there? It may take a bit longer to see changes affect the way we do business... Managers fully leverage tools and information to make informed decisions
Customer satisfaction data indicates customers continue to enjoy high quality of service
HR receives fewer requests to create or modify reports (depends on Day 1 scope)
Service Center metrics show a shift to more complex requests, indicating routine, administrative tasks are completed via self service
HR spends larger portion of time on strategic activities - shifting to consultative role We've arrived! What does HR need to know before go live?

... Workday and Taleo are coming
... Processes will be standardized
... HR Services will be an extension of HR
... HR will become more strategic
... HR's role in supporting the transformation What is the emotional response that we expect?

HR should feel:
... confident, excited, proud, well-supported, knowledgeable, informed
we have a cutting edge HR function

Employees and managers should feel:
... confident, capable, HR is commercially-focused,
Self-sufficient - I'm in the driver's seat to make my HR changes, HR supports my business needs even better,
trust in HR data, quiet sound of success,
"HR makes great decisions for the firm and me" We are ready to embark on the next journey.
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