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Secondary Brand Associations

No description

Danielle Boal

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Secondary Brand Associations

Jean Paul Gautier Diet Coke's secondary brand associations market strategy centers on co-branding
Jean Paul Gautier has been appointed creative director for the brand (London, B. 2012).
Consumers are aware of Jean Paul as a luxury fashion designer and these good judgments and feelings are transferred to drinking Diet Coke
Embraced new technologies - Benefit used Facebook to offer make-up tutorials and gave a Diet Coke coupon for every purchase (Waltzer. M, 2012)
Re-freshed brand image from the 1980's old campaign using sex appeal of masculine figures to independent 'fashionistas' (Keller, 2012)
Aimed at younger women and associates with style Secondary Brand associations Co-Branding Karl Lagerfeld Evaluation Co-branding with Fashion designers have built the brands status and credibility and improved brand awareness
The high fashion association successfully helps to position Diet Coke as a low calorie acceptable drink and brand recall/salience, improving the brands image.
sponsorships builds on consumers feelings and judgments, therefore improves the brand meaning
country of origin Recommendations Extend a secondary brand association for a longer period of time
Broaden target market
Elaborate product offerings
Increase the availability and promotions for the collaborations
Appeal to a wider market and include Males By
Danielle Boal 11053356, Polly Cassy 10015420 Reanne Tate 11041847 and Selin Gaygisiz 11003719 TV sponsors/adverts Manolo Blahnik Fading Brand Evisu Suggestions "Linking a brand with some other entity may not only create new brand associations with the entity but may also affect existing associations" (Keller, 2012) Evisu Focus on brand exclusivity to make brand more desired
Make more available in luxury department stores
Remove from any association with cheaper brands
Celebrity endorsement e.g Kanye West
Reclaim its title in the urban scene
Expand market in fashion capitals Faded due to failure of keeping up to date with fashion trends
Became outdated
Colours were too bold and resembled cartoons Japanese brand founded in 1991 (Evisu, 2012).
Specializes in denim
Celebrity following
peaked in early 2000's Jay-z Kanye west Chris Brown Efforts for Revitalisation Appointed new CEO/Creative Director Scott Morrison (Kealoha, A. 2009)
Reinvent Evisu whilst looking back original heritage - Hidehiko Yamane love of fine denim.
subtle printing Roberto Cavalli Little Black Dress Generates strong and favorable associations as America is well known for carbonated drinks and dominates the beverage market.
America has a developed reputation of 53.6 on a scale of 100 (The country Rep, 2010)
Consumer brand knowledge has already been achieved and ranked number 1 best global brand (Rankingbrands.com)
Coca-Cola introduced diet coke in 1986 Country of Origin Sponsorship Diet coke has been an active supporter of the Heart Truth Campaign in association with the national heart and blood institute Diet Coke sponsored Ugly Betty which contributed to brand equity by improving brand awareness Diet Coke sponsored Style to Rock a TV program produced by Rhianna which explored the fashion talent and creativity of London (Unknown, 2012) Third Party Channels of Distribution Coca Cola won The Coveted Sustainable Pack of the Year prize at The UK Packaging Awards for its plastic recyclable 'PlantBottle' (Lowe, L. 2013)

Consumers perceptions and attitudes towards Diet Coke improved due to the positive environmental impact (Keller, 2008) Diet Coke is available through many different channels for example restaurants such as McDonalds, pizza express and e.t.c Consumers may perceive Diet Coke differently in regards of its channel of distribution. For example McDonalds serve the drink in a plastic cup and pizza express serve it in a glass bottle, this effects consumers judgments about Diet Coke. Questionable how effective the Co-branding is as many designers collaborate with diet coke through a short period of time,meaning weak brand awareness.
The charity sponsorship can be perceived as being controversial due to Diet Coke's health risk. (Parker-Pope. T, 2010). References Lowe, L. (2013). Coke’s Recyclable Plastic Bottle Wins Award (Infographic). Available: http://www.coca-colablog.com/environment/cokes-recyclable-plastic-bottle-wins-award-infographic/. Last accessed 16th Jan 2013. Unknown. (2012). Rihanna and Diet Coke Ready to Rock. Available: http://www.skymedia.co.uk/_news/rihannadiet-coke-ready-to-rock.aspx. Last accessed 16th Jan 2013. Kealoha, A. (2009). Evisu's Comeback: Interview with CEO Scott Morrison. Available: http://www.coolhunting.com/style/evisus-comeback.php. Last accessed 16th Jan 2013. Waltzer, M. (2012). Diet Coke Sees Fashionable Benefit to Co-Branding. Available: http://www.brandchannel.com/home/post/2012/01/13/Diet-Coke-Benefit-Fashion-Campaign-011312.aspx. Last accessed 16th Jan 2013. Keller, K.L. (2008). Leveraging Secondary Brand Associations To Build Brand Equity. In: Parker, D Strategic Brand Management. 3rd ed. New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall. p.279-313. Keller, K.L & Aperia, T & Georgson, M. (2012). Using Secondary Brand Associations To Build Brand Equity. In: . Strategic Brand Management A European Perspective. 2nd ed. England: Prentice Hall. p.314-373. Parker-Pope, T. (2010). Should Coke Talk About Heart Health?. Available: http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/02/16/should-coke-talk-about-heart-health/. Last accessed 16th Jan 2013. Marketing week. (2004). BRANDING BRIEF: Evisu to open first UK store. Available: http://www.marketingmagazine.co.uk/news/199774/. Last accessed 10th january 2013. Evisu. (2012). about us. Available: http://www.evisu.com/en/store/store.php?id=312. Last accessed 10th January 2013. Design Week. (2004). Abdullah styles Evisu's stride. Available: http://www.designweek.co.uk/news/abdullah-styles-evisus-stride/1118347.article. Last accessed 10th january 2013. London, B. (2012). jean paul gaultier joins the new tattoo trend with new diet coke bottle creations.
Available: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2164810/Jean-Paul-Gaultier-joins-tattoo-trend-new-diet-coke-bottle-creations.html. Last accessed 13th january 2013.
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