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The German Language

No description

Amy Joy

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of The German Language

The German Language
Weird German Sayings
There are many strange German sayings, most of which are based on the German work ethic.

1. Close your eyes and push through
2. Work makes life sweet
3.It doesn't matter sometimes you have to fall off the ladder (you have to fail to succeed).
Learning German
German is a pretty hard language to learn. Although if you learn it, it will be easier to comprehend many other languages.
Goodbye= Auf Wiedersehen
My name is= Ich heise
Why should I learn German?
- It is the 12th most spoken language in the world.
- Is one of the most commonly spoken languages in Europe.
- If you speak it, it is easier to understand many different languages.

Some Facts
- Is a Germanic language
- Is one of the oldest languages in Europe
-Has about 100 million speakers
- Most widely spoken language in the European Union.
- German is the third most commonly spoken language worldwide.
- After the American War of independence, the Americans considered using a new language. Against English, German only lost by 1 vote!
Countries that speak German

Countries with German an official language:
- Germany
- Switzerland
- Austria
- Lichtenstein
- Luxembourg
- Belgium
- Northern Italy

Other countries with a large german-speaking population:
- South Africa - Namibia - Czech Republic - Denmark
- Vatican City - Brazil - Venezuela - Slovakia
- Russia -Romania - Poland
German Dialects
In different regions of the world, different versions of German are spoken. These are more like variations of the language and are called dialects.Below, you can see what the relation of the dialect is to a German speaker as other English dialects are to us.

- Bavarian= Southern Accent- spoken in southern Germany and Austria
- Central German = Original or British Accent- spoken in central Germany
- High German= Australian accent- spoken in Northern Germany
- Swiss German = English with a French accent- spoken in Switzerland
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