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Italy By Kate Yemm November 15, 2016

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gs students

on 18 November 2016

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Transcript of Italy By Kate Yemm November 15, 2016

About the country
Italy is known as the boot-shaped country that is kicking a ball which is the island of Sicily. Italy is also known as the Italian Republic. Its capital is Rome. It has beautiful landscapes and delicious food. Italy has 61 million people living in it. It is 116,348 square miles. It is slightly larger then Arizona! Italy has 10 times as many people as Arizona but is about the same size! About 50 million people visit Italy each year. Italy is well known for its production of sports cars such as Lamborghini and Ferrari.
Italy was the birthplace of Renaissance which was the cultural achievements in poetry, painting, and architecture. Italy has many earthquakes and volcanoes due to them sitting on a fault line. Italy has the highest mountain in Europe Mont Blac.

Italy has cool and rainy winters and very dry summers. Italy experience Mediterranean climate. Cool and humid winters in the north in the mountainous zone.
In Italy their government is very similar to ours they have a president Sergio Mattarella he is 75 years old and he is a Democrat.
This boot-shaped country is located in Europe and has many cities and 2 states! The major cities are Milan, Naples, Turin, and Palermo. The 2 states are Vatican city and San Marion. Campione d"italian is part of Italy but is on the border of Switzerland.


93 percent is Roman Catholic and the other 7 percent is Jewish, Protestant, and a growing muslim community. They speak mostly Italian but some people speak German, French or Slovene. In Italy Christmas is very important.
The End
I hope you enjoyed your gelato and your pezelles. I hope you learned a lot about Italy!
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