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Red Wind


婕 黃

on 29 March 2016

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Transcript of Red Wind

Chapter 1-3
Philip Marlowe
Chapter Interpretation
"there was a desert wind blowing that night..cocktail lounge" (p.1 first paragraph)

He uses first-person narratives to create a sense of continuous action.

"Whose stomach is it? Not mine." (p.1 count backwards line 5)

A not uncommon sentiment of individualistic apathy — although Marlowe is more altruistic and socially conscious than others, he believes that if a man wants to screw himself up, he should be allowed to screw himself up.

"Tall,pretty, brown hair, in a point bolero jacket over a blue crepe dress" (p.2 line17)

Clothing is important in the story.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016
By Raymond Chandler
Raymond Chandler
Q and A
1. If you are Marlowe , would you change the
pearls and give Lola another one? why or why not?

2. After learning the different types of crime fictions,
which type do you like the most? The hard-boiled fiction or the detective fiction?
Red Wind
•Born in 1888 in Chicago with his Irish parents
•Abandoned by his father
•Received education in Dulwich College
•Naturalized as a British subject to take the civil service exam
•took an Admiralty job for only 1 year
•used to be an unsuccessful journalist
•In 1917, Chandler served with the Canadian Army during WW1
•worked in petroleum company during the Great Depression and he was laid off due to alcoholism and absenteeism later on.
•Started to pursue his literary career in 1932, at the age of 44
•A British-American novelist



Marlowe's character is foremost within the genre of hard boiled crime fiction that originated in the 1920s.

He is a hard-drinking, tough-talking private detective

The National Weather Service defines Santa Ana winds as "Strong down slope winds that blow through the mountain passes in southern California.

These winds, which can easily exceed 40 miles per hour (18 m/s), are warm and dry and can severely exacerbate brush or forest fires, especially under drought conditions."
"I needed a drink, I needed a lot of life insurance, I needed a vacation,
I needed a home in the country. What I had was a coat, a hat and a gun. I put them on and left the room."
-- from Farewell, My Lovely
Realistic Imagery - Red Wind
Corruption - Copernik
I shot the door,... watched her stroll over a card table on which I had a
chess problem
set out….
(p.5 the eighth line from the bottom)

“That’s a cars table,” he said. “Some goon here plays chess. You?”…“
It’s a problem
,” I said. “
Not a game.
(p.8 line 14. 18.)

Racial stereotype
- Chandlerian element: chess
“It’s a problem,...Not a game. …
” :
a comment on the
nature of postmodern life.
- Solitary chess : the loneliness of a man seeking
justice in a world which teases his point of view.
"I can still feel it when I flex my knuckles." (p.10 line 2)

An odd break in the narrative – by shifting from the past tense to the present, Chandler perhaps unwittingly reminds the reader that this story has already happened (something that the breakneck pace of the narration obscures).

"I went to .. listening to the hot wind howl against the
window glass" (p.10 line 26)

Again, the hot wind is blowing the windows. Following with the interrogation of Copernik.

"The guinea" (p.12 line 25)

A racist slur for an American of Italian descent. Derives from ‘Guinea Negro.’
She looks as if
things would happen where she was
…. (p.16 line 13)
She was a type that
use knife
. (p.16 line 16)

She said, “Goddam,”…and
curled up on a avenport
(p.17 the seventh line from the bottom)

“We-el, what ees it, little man? You antsometheeng? You are lost from the bee-ootiful party across the street, hein?” (p.16 line 8)
Kolchenko: the mistress of Lola Barsaly’s husband.
- Russian
- A foreign marker related to wild creatures.
- Seems to be dangerous
- Animal-like behavior
Racial stereotype
“This partner of yours- Ybarra. Won’t he a bit sore you didn’t bring along on this?”......

That guinea?
” he sneered. “
To hell with him!

(p. 12 Ch3, the third to sixth line from the bottom.)

- Ybarra is
Mexican, while his partner Copernik is Caucasian.

- Copernik : racist, calling Ybarra “guinea”
(guinea: racial slur for a person of Italian descent).

- Copernik : stupid, brutal, immoral act.
Ybarra : thoughtful, intelligent, trustworthy.
" There was a desert wind blowing that night. It was one of those...and make your nerves jump and your skin itch."
(Ch1, paragraph1)
"… the kid came back and put more beer in my glass. Outside, the wind howled. Every once in a while it blew the stained-glass door open a few inches. It was a heavy door." (p.2
- Image: a feeling of restlessness.
Red wind
(Santa Ana winds)

violence and death
: related to thoughts of

, and communist influence.
- Chandler portrays the wind as an evil force.
- Image: a sign of the grisly events to come.
" … Far off I could hear the wind booming. It seemed like the sound of guns." (p.22 line the eighth paragraph from the bottom)
It's the hot wind
, Sam. Let's forget it.
" (p.25 line 5)
- Marlowe is aware of the wind's presence when
Copernik has a temptation to kill Philip Marlowe.
The wind develops a character, a personality.
- Ybarra shrugs off the unpleasant incident and
adds to the idea of the wind's identity.
" You wouldn't expect mto find I had anything ...." "Ah," Copernik grinned ......and I left-hooked on him down the backstairs. O.K.?" (p.10 paragrapg5-6)
- Copernik is planning to take all the credit for
Marlowe's capture of a criminal.

- Copernik symbolizes corruption.

- Copernik personifies a corrupt society.
Wind symbolizes a dying society.
Raymond Chandler
sharp and lyric simile .
evocative style
->conveying the time, place and ambiance of Los Angeles and environs in the 1930s and 1940s


The plot
->rambling at best and incoherent at worst for story plot.

The racial
issue->treatments of black, female, and homosexual characters were not appropriate.
The style of writing-
>probably the most lyrical of the major crime writers.
Santa Ana/California.
Chapter Interpretation
Chapter 4-7
“He didn’t look directly...Copernik didn’t look at him at all.” (p.12, line 4)
- Two cop detectives had bad relationships.
- Different races.

“Nobody learned who you are from me,” I said. “Incidentally, I don’t know myself.” (p.13, line 10)
- Marlowe 's complicated feelings to Lola.
- Shows us the characteristics of hard-boiled fiction.

"They're good phonies- but they're phonies." (p.21 paragraph 5 )

“I pulled a string of bohemian glass imitation pearls out of my pocket and cut the knot at one end and slipped the pearls off one by one.”
(p.25 the fourth paragraph from the bottom, line 3.)

- Marlowe protected Lola’s memory of her lover.
- It shows his tenderness toward Lora.
"Takes it too light for a young fellow, don't he?" (p.3 count backwards line 6)

Suspecting the easy target – Copernik suggests that the kid isn’t shocked enough by Waldo’s death, implying he has a shady past or criminal bent. 

"It's a hot night,and this wind would kill a girl's face" (p.4 line 10)
Implying that the women may be in danger..

Chapter 2
" The wind was still blowing, oven-hot,swirling dust and torn paper up against the walls " (p4 last line)

Suggesting the astounding scene later on.

"The hot wind boomed against the shut windows. Windows have to be shut when a Santa Ana blows, heats or no heat" (Cp3 p.8 line 11)

We get the sense that such a condition is really a detriment to the city and its inhabitants.

"Got himself a nolle prosse." (p.8 last line)

A nolle prosequi is when the state decides to end the prosecution of a suspect either before trial or verdict.
"Maybe this hot wind got you crazy too" (p.6 line 6)

Implying the hot wind which could changes people or their minds.
"I shut the door, threw my hat into a chair and watched her stroll over to a card table on which I had a chess problem set out that I couldn't solve. Once inside, with the door locked, her panic had left her. " (p.7 last line)

Chess as metaphor in literature can refer to discussion. Marlowe plays correspondence games and chess problems – never with other people.
He is a loner, thorough and logical person.

the pearls are made of
Bohemian glass
It's the hot wind
, Sam. Let's forget it.
" (p.25 line 5)

- Ybarra said that Copernik pointed his gun to Marlowe is all because
of the red wind.
- Red wind : an excuse and symbol of violence.
The classical element he used
blackmail, necklace, pearls ,chess
“I’m not in this for money..... It goes to the police fund.”
(page 23, second paragraph from the last.)
“You can send me a check....” “Made out to the police Relief Fund.”
(page 23, the third paragraph from the last. )

- His stander of justice and morality.
Genre-The comparison of detective novel
Genre - The Crime fiction.
It is the fiction fictionalises crimes, their detection, criminals, and their motives. Besides, it has three sub-genres including the detective fiction, hard-boiling fiction, and the Legal thriller
Hard-boiled fiction->
The hard-boiled fiction that share the same character setting with the crime fiction but focusing on the horror, terro , apprehension changes which is different from the detective fiction.
Detective fiction->
The detective fiction focusing on solving the mystery, crime , and find out the murder with an investigator, detective whomever is professional or amateur.
->His character is very different from the normal hard-boiled character which is much more complicated, emotional , sophisticated, and has the great language ability and won't take the paid if the cases were failed.
Yes, I would. Cause I don't want to see her heart broken if she knew the truth that pearl from her lover was a counterfeit.

We love the hard-boiled fiction cause that persevere , cool image really impress us .
Genre-The comparison of
hard-boiling fiction VS detective fiction.
-> became the subject of parody , pastiche and movie.
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