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How did Native Americans survive on the Great Plains?

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Kristina Johns

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of How did Native Americans survive on the Great Plains?

The Native Americans moved often, discuss how you think the tribe could do this quickly. What will they use to carry their possessions using only the items you know you have already? TASK 1: Imagine you are going into the wild. There are no hotels, no restaurants. Make a list of the things that you will need to survive. Where will you sleep, what will you eat.... How did Native Americans Survive
on the Great Plains? Level 4: I can identify features of the Native Americans way of life.

Level 5: I can explain how Native Americans solved some of the problems they faced.

Level 6: I can explain how successfully Native Americans solved the problems they faced. What are the Plains like? How did the Native Americans solve theses problems? You will go back in time and face the same problems the Sioux tribe who lived on the Great Plains faced.

Work in a group of 3 or 4
Open Problem One - write the problem on your tracker.
Read the problem and discuss what you will do, the whole group must agree.
Write which solution you went for in your trackers and why.
Open Problem Two to find out how good your solution was
Record how many points you have on the tracker Why were the Buffalo so important for Native Americans on the Great Plains? Use the labeled buffalo to figure out how the buffalo was used in lots of different parts of Native America life.
Under each heading give examples of how the Buffalo was used in this part of Native American life. Did your family survive on the Great Plains? 300 Points = Your entire tribe has survived, congratulations!
81 - 250 Points = Some bad decisions mean that some of you family members did not survive the winter. You can learn from your mistakes for next year.
80 Points and under = Bad decisions mean that you don't have what you need to survive the winter. Most of the family die which makes it harder for the remaining people to keep going. How did Native Americans survive on the Great Plains? Pass it on!

Give a problem that the Native Americans faced and name a person you'd like to give the solution. Until the late 1800s several tribes lived in an Area of North American called the Great Plains Hardly any trees
Very little water
Unpredictable weather
cold winters
fierce winds & tornadoes
Very flat landscape
Wolves The Native Americans of the Great Plains lived across the Atlantic ocean in what is now the USA and Canada. Where are the Great Plains? Key Words Native = First People who lived in an area .
Great Plains = Large flat area of North America.
Tribe = Very close group of people who live and work together.
Buffalo = Large wild land mammal lives in a herd.
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