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Vita Moskal

on 13 March 2015

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Transcript of Hollywood

Symbols of Hollywood
The memorable Walk of Fame, developed in 1958, still attracts many tourists from all over the world today! "Cinema", "Entertainment" and "Fame" remain strongly linked to Hollywood.
The Birth of the Industry
Climate and landscape
Cheap land for production
Cheaper labor (much cheaper than on the East Coast)
Escape law suits ( i.e. Thomas Edison's Motion Picture Patents)
Illusion of Hollywood
Golden Age
Movie industry is popular among the public
Emergence of new sound technology
Paramount, Fox, MGM, UA studios
Family Life grew more prominent
Suburbanizaiton and baby-boom led more indivudals to spend their time watching television at home
U.S. v. Paramount Pictures, Inc.
Unions; Teamsters 399; SAG
Metonym for the film industry of the United States
Profile of residents

The Departure of Film
Bungalow apartments on Melrose, Hollywood
Whitley heights, Hollywood
1) Myth: Hollywood is wealthy

2) Myth: Hollywood is filled with celebrities all the time

3) Myth: Hollywood is central to movie production

4) Reality: Hollywood Hills and West Hollywood closer to popular image

Present Profile of the Neighborhood
Maintaining Hollywood's image as the film capital to benefit the community of Hollywood
Constructing a new identity through urban renewal to create an artistic, high-class area

Forces out a lot of the original, low-income residents
Myths and Reality
The movie industry credits its losses to the piracy of films.

However, box office sales have been on a steady international increase.

Because of tax incentives offered in other states and countries, production jobs in Hollywood are on the decline.

Looking at the 26 biggest budget films of 2012-2013, only one was entirely filmed in California
Movies now...
Despite the efforts to revitalize and alter Hollywood's image, current profiles of the area do not reflect the attempted image
-education levels minimal
-crime rates high
-enormous ratio of amount of renters vs. amount of property owners
New Economic Opportunities and Development
Focus shifting from tourism and night-life to retail and residential development

4.8 billion dollars invested in various projects around the area
Graumann's Chinese Theater (Est. 1927)
Hollywood Sign (Est. 1923)
Disney&Ghirardelli (Est. 2013)
20th Century Fox
Starline Tours
Warner Bros Inc.
Villa Carlotta
Lure Nightclub
Dolby Theater
Wonderland Nightclub
Highland Center- Hollywood
(1950's Hollywood Family)
By: Discussion 1H
Christie Film Co.
Paramount Pictures
Hollywood Studio pre 1950s
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