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Out of My Mind

No description

Cié Thompson

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Out of My Mind

By: Cie Thompson
Out of My Mind
By: Sharon M. Draper.
This book is about an 11 year old girl named Melody Brooks.
Melody has cerebral palsy. She can't walk, talk, feed herself, take herself to the bathroom or write. She is able to communicate with people by pointing to words on the tray that is attatched to her wheelchair. She doesn't have many words on it so it is hard for her to say what's really on her mind.
Melody goes to Spaulding Street Elementary school and has went there since she was five years old.
Melody has the same classroom and the same classmates every year. The classroom, room H5, is painted yellow and pink with rainbows, a smiling sun, dozens of smiling flowers,bunnies, kittens, and smiling bluebirds. Every year Melody and her classmates go over their abc's with a different teacher. This routine changes when Melody goes to fifth grade.
Melody's fifth grade teacher's name is Mrs. Shannon. She lets the kids in H5 go to regular classrooms twice a day. They are called inclusion classes.
Melody and the other kids in H5 make new friends in the inclusion classes. Melody's friend's name is Rose Spencer.
On the Wednesday before Christmas, Melody gets a special computer that can talk, print things that Melody typed, play music, and tell jokes. It is called a Medi-Talker.
Melody named the Medi-Talker Elvira. With Elvira, Melody was able to finally speak to her parents and classmates and she was finally able to participate in class. She could also say everything that she wanted to say, for example saying the phrase Iove you to her parents.
In one of the inclusion classes, Melody joins the Whiz Kids team. The Whiz Kids competition is a competition where schools from across the state compete in a quiz bowl that is aired on TV
Melody gets her team into the national championships in Washington D.C. On the day of the nationals, the team leaves Melody behind because of her disability. Melody's team came in ninth place in the nationals and won a tiny, plastic trophy. When a teammate named Connor tried to give Melody the trophy, it broke into pieces. Melody simply at it and rolls out of the room. Melody goes to one of her inclusion classes where she gets an autobiography project. The beginning of her autobiography is the beginning of this book which i thought was pretty cool.
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