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Fall of a City

English Project 11

Victoria Tai

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Fall of a City

By Alden Nowlan The Fall of A City Teddy Protagonist
11 year old boy
- Secretive
-Loner Teddy is an 11 year old boy who spends his past time in his aunt/uncle's attic building a paper kingdom named Upalia and defending his kingdom against Emperor Kang .
His relatives are suspicious of him and discovers his paper kingdom. They mock Teddy and destroy his fantasies. Allusion: "The Emperor Kang was as evil and cunning as the Fu Manchu about whom Teddy had read in books"(p.42). (Fu Manchu is a fictional character in the series of novels written by British author Sax Rohmer, "he is an evil master criminal." Contrast:His imaginary battleship and reality.
Reflected by diction and description.
Sulkily,impatiently,sullenly,mirthlessly,disdainful... Aunt: nosy, pretentious, controlling,uptight Uncle:Ignorant,cruel, disdainful, snippy, unimaginative, Teddy and his relatives do not connect well with each other. Teddy lives in a fantasy world, whereas his aunt and uncle are more prestigious and uptight. Teddy's uncle won the conflict and made Teddy destroy his city. Conflict Exposition Rising Action Climax THEME
Teddy destroys his cardboard palace and starts to cry Aunt asks Teddy about what he does in the attic Teddy plays with his paper figures The Aunt and Uncle discover what Teddy's been doing. The uncle mocks Teddy calling his figures toy dolls Simile:
"Teddy watched raindrops roll like beads of quicksilver down the glass of the high, diamond-shaped window". Characters Significance of the title The title of the short story The Fall of a City is about Teddy's paper city. The paper city has fallen once it's leader ( Teddy) has lost his confidence.
Being a leader means having good self esteem and being confident. Point of view Third person The power of influence can greatly affect choices made. Teddy's Uncle influenced Teddy that playing with "paper dolls" is an immature thing to do. Already unconfident and shy as he is, Teddy takes in his uncle's words and destroys his fantasies. Falling Action Antagonist
Flat Character Antagonist
Flat Character Setting Teddy's relative's house. By Emmanuel, Joy, Agrim and Victoria Person vs Person Teddy's independent personality isolates him in the attic from society. Social issue The social issue in this story is the lack of bonding that the characters had . Teddy would spend a sum of his time upstairs in the attic playing in his paper castle while his aunt and uncle are downstairs.
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