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Canterbury Tales- The Squire

Study of The Squire

Chris Netherton

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Canterbury Tales- The Squire

The Squire P.109 Squire's Tale Pt. 2 MLA Quiz The Squire's Tale Actions Squire Personality Appearance The Squire shows the kinds of abilities that would be expected in a squire.
He's a good horsemen and likes to joust.
He also enjoys dancing, singing, and writing.
He is also obsessed with love and winning a lady's favor. The squire's courteous behavior and his talents
with riding and jousting are typical of how a squire was expected to be. His lust is a little less typical, but that's probably because he's young. Overall he would be considered a good squire. Genre: Epic Romance Canace gets up early the next morning and goes for a walk with her ring. While walking she sees a Falcon crying and hurting itself. Canace asks the Falcon what's wrong and it tells her that it's lover, a hawk, betrayed it and left it for a kite. Canace takes the bird home and nurses it and builds it a birdhouse. The Squire starts to continue his tale about the king's adventures with the other magical objects but he gets interrupted by the Franklin. 1. What does the ring do?

2. Why is the falcon sad?

3. Who is the Squire especially courteous to?

4. What does the Squire have embroidered on his clothes?

5.What does the Squire care about most? The Squire is 23 years old
Kind of feminine
He wears a short coat embroidered with red and white flowers
He dresses nicely which implies that he is somewhat high class.
It also suggests that he is very vain. "With him there was his son, a youthful squire,
A lover and a lusty bachelor,
With locks well curled, as if they'd laid in press.
Some twenty years of age he was, I guess.
In stature he was of an average length,
Wondrously active, aye, and great of strength." "Well could be sit on horse, and fairly ride.He could make songs and words thereto indite,Joust, and dance too, as well as sketch and write." "So hot he loved that, while night told her tale,
He slept no more than does a nightingale.
Courteous he, and humble, willing and able,
And carved before his father at the table." The Squire is lusty and it's implied that he has a lot of sex.
The squire seems more interested in love and impressing ladies than anything else.
He is still very polite and courteous, especially to his father, The Knight. Greatest Sin: Lust Greatest Virtue: Courtesy Chaucer uses The Squire to represent youth.He is kind of poking fun at young men who want to be knights.
The Squire's personality is somewhat ironic for someone trying to be a knight, but overall Chaucer doesn't seem to dislike The Squire.
Chaucer also seems to use The Squire to show a different side of a knight's personality. Purpose There is a great king named Cambuskan who rules Tatrtary. He is celebrating 20 years as king with a freast when a knight named Gwain appears with gifts for the king from the king of Araby. The knight gives the king a teleporting horse made of brass, a mirror that shows the king what people think about him and a sword that can cut anything but also mend any cut it makes. The knight also gives the king a ring for his daughter, Canace, which allows her to talk to birds. "The Canterbury Tales Summary and Analysis." Gradesaver.com. 14 Dec. 2012 "The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer: CHARACTER ANALYSIS." Thebestnotes.com. 14 Dec. 2012 "Character Analysis - The Squire." Csis.pace.edu. 14 Dec. 2012 Answers 1. Allows the person wearing it to talk to birds.

2. It's lover left it for a kite.

3. The Knight /His Father

4. Flowers

5. Ladies/Romance
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