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Types of Conflict

No description

Jennifer Fiorentino

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Types of Conflict

All those fights, battles and struggles matter!
Identifying types of conflict
is the dramatic struggle between two forces in a story. Without conflict, there is no story!
#3 Character vs. Self
Character vs. Character

Character vs. Nature

Character vs. Self

Character vs. Society
Four types of conflict
When two characters in a novel are having problems with each other... they dislike each other, have a bad history, are competing for something, are growing apart...
#1 Character vs. Character
When a character struggles to overcome challenges that are created by nature, like weather, diseases, predators...
#2 Character vs. Nature
When a character is battling inside own mind, like fears, emotions, worries, doubts, memories and changes...
Rising Action
Falling Action

EX: In "Out of the Dust" we read about about a girl whose family had to endure life in The Dust Bowl; she described how the dust storms made everyday tasks like sleeping and eating very frustrating and how the lack of rain made farming near-impossible.
EX: In Wringer, Beans is bullying Dorothy. Dorothy fights back by doing nothing, which makes Beans even crazier and angrier!
EX: In Wringer, Palmer is struggling to decide whether he will or will not become a wringer, as is the tradition in Waymer.
Character vs. Society
When a character is struggling to get along in a larger group, like peers in a classroom, a community or country, a religion...
EX: In Maze Runner, Thomas had to figure out how to survive all the harassment in the Maze because he was new - the "green bean" of the whole group.
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