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Cloud Computing

BASICON AY-1213 Term 1 Machine Project by Group 11

Ken Edward Asanion

on 27 April 2014

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Transcript of Cloud Computing

CLOUD COMPUTING - is a strategy that talks about the sharing or access of computing resources(servers, software, storage) via the Internet that operates in a cloud server. Future Trends Current Trends The term 'cloud' is taken as a
metaphor of the internet in a
paper published by MIT in 1996,
which talks about the idea
about cloud computing. Where it all starts... 1961 1968 Intel was founded 1970 - ARPANet is developing
into the Internet. 1971 Intel engineer Ray Tomlinson wrote
a program that allowed users to
send messages from one computer
to another a.k.a The first E-mail 1974 Founded Microsoft
by Bill Gates and Paul Allen John McCarthy introduced the
cloud computing concept First Apple Computer
Stebe Jobs and Steve Wozniak 1976 1982 1984 1989 1991 IBM launched
its 1st Personal
Computer Macintosh computer launched by Apple. Compaq (acquired by HP) First Netbook
Dell Founded General use of
by CERN 1993 1995 1999 2000 First Business Cloud
Computing Website AnD The Cloud continues to grow through network, laptops, computers, tablets, smart phones, and consoles. Many companies migrate their non-cloud applications in the cloud. Global access to the cloud became more and more popular. Mosaic browser launched. It is credited for the popular use of 'www' 70's Each Supercomputer costs
millions of dollars(containing
all the software, storage and
devices) 80's Growing demand of more powerful and less expensive computers & microprocessors. 90's Grid and Utility Computing played an important role to the Internet. GRID COMPUTING: is using the resources of many separated computers connected by a network for high performance computing applications.
UTILITY COMPUTING: supports grid computing but allowing people to rent web applications or Internet acccess. LATE 90's Application Service Providers: licensing a commercial
software application to multiple customers through
Internet. Since ASP cannot accommodate the unique needs of their clients fast, a new way of service came. - SaaS vendors hosts applications through web to be accessed by their clients paid under a subscription.
- More successful than Application Service Providers. Software as a Service A photo that shows the evolution of file storage. Now in a single cloud. Posted by Windows on Facebook. (August 29, 2012) Cost Less You no longer have to buy expensive software licenses or programs. You don't need to add internal infrastructures because it can scale capacities in an instant. In cloud, you only pay for what you need under a subscription basis. Scalability No need to worry for server overloads! Easy and instantly adjust server storage capacity to match up your demands. If client's demand is low, you can scale down the size of your cloud. Business Agility With a cloud, developers can commission servers at a low price via the Internet and have their application up and running quickly. Clouds can enable developers to do a lot more experimentation quickly and scale it up.
- Sun Microsystems, Inc Reliable Good for both big and small businesses. Files
in the cloud are always backed up so you won't problem about disaster recovery. Managed through contract Greener Environment Cloud computing produce less carbon emissions from powerful machines.

"Data centers are responsible for two percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions." - Tuan C. Nguyen Cloud computing contributes to a faster time to market. No need for long-term contracts because the services are already built-in in the system. Very Managable You can just concentrate on what you are working and ignore the updates, virus and disaster recoveries. They are already worked for you. Still confused? Watch this video!! How do cloud send their services? Most websites and server-based applications run on particular servers. ADVANTAGES
COMPUTING Deployment Models of Cloud Computing Dropbox Amazon S3 High Maintenance Cost Dependency over networks Accessible anywhere provided that you will need Internet in order to access web-based applications. Rumors: Some says that cloud computing is a secret way of cutting down or controlling Internet resources. Others can access our files or even hack the database. Cloud service providers may find it very costly in terms of fixing and updating the software, server, and platform. Migration Migrating from a different cloud server takes time same as transferring non-cloud applications. Private Cloud - Sent over a specific organization
- Runs in a private network
- Highly secure Public Cloud - is owned by the service provider
- owns the highest level of efficiency
- pay-per-use model
- Accessible through the
Internet Community Cloud - Managed by a third-party
or internally
- Infrastructure is shared in a
specific community Hybrid Cloud - Specific resources are run under a public,private, or community clouds.
- Work on your applications on both physical machine and switch to a virtual machine. - provides the user with virtual infrastructure (memory, processor, and hardware), such as servers and data storage space.
- web hosting Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) - provides the user to rent hardware, operating systems, storage and network capabilities to be used for application development. Platform as a Service (PaaS) - provides the user with access to already created applications that are operating in the cloud. Software as a Service (SaaS) - also called the middleware. - develop applications using Web-based tools DISADVANTAGES
COMPUTING Credits: Youtube, Google, Library, Windows, Photoshop and Salesforce. To sum it up... - Web-based applications such as google docs, photoshop express, Dropbox, and online operating systems like Cloudo.
- Storage or back-up
- Finance and accounting
- Enterprise cloud business
- E-mail services (GMail)
- Voice communication services like Skype
- Sharing of Photos and information Cloud computing can be used for... Dropbox is a web-based file hosting service, which uses cloud computing to enable users to store and share files and folders with others across the internet using file synchronization. It will automatically save your file synced to your phone, computer and the website by just dragging the files in your dropbox folder. Upgrading storage capacity can be done through invitations, offers, and upgrade. 1 2 3 Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is an online storage web service offered by Amazon Web Services. The service uses a bucket where mostly any type of data may be stored. It is highly scalable and pay for only what you use. It is simple to use and retrieve amount of data anytime and anywhere on the web. Windows Azure is an open cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers. You can build applications using any language, tool or framework. (PAAS) (IAAS) (SAAS/IAAS) - Emails and Online Documents Security Risks Even though our files in the cloud are kept externally, we are unsure if our files are being spied or hacked and at the same time very unaware of the location on where our files are being saved. Relies on the service provider Once the cloud server is down or close, people are very limited in accessing their files. Accessible anywhere It allows you and your employees easy access on the cloud from different devices and places as long as you have internet connection. Your goal is to
have an efficient
and profitable
company... You need to provide one of your employee a licensed Software and a computer... HUNDREDS WELL THAT'S ONLY FOR ONE, BUT WHAT IF YOU NEED TO SUPPLY of it to EACH of your employee? in short, Costly, And for every software you use.
You need to UPGRADE all of them
or even call help for an
IT when there is a sudden
problem You also need to hire an IT Team for development, testing and maintenance which will cost
you more. YOU WILL FIND IT VERY stressful, very difficult to maintain AND ANOTHER EXAMPLE TODAY! YOU HAVE A NEW OPTION TO THESE KIND OF PROBLEMS! You host a website
that can occupy
100 persons. You need to upgrade your server to store more information and prevent your site from malfunctioning Since more and more people get attracted to your website everyday, you plan to upgrade again but it will take you several days to build up your infrastructure and you will find it very costly SERVER OVERLOAD! Due to excessive number of data caused by thousands of connections, it may result in a You don't want to happen this to you right? Your goal being
efficient and profitable will
very HARD Cloud Application Layers - Cloud Companies are divided into three categories or Layers Collection of services delivered via the Internet.
Access shared resources on a single cloud server.
You can easily customize your software based on what you need.
Needs of your cloud is directly proportional on what you will pay
Software that has cloud computing is referred to as cloud software.
Cloud server is flexible. It can easily adjust based on demand.
Because of virtualization, you only need the cloud's interface software (usually in the form of a web browser) and a cloud network. WHAT IS? WHAT IS? - Amazon and eBay founded to present Photo taken from itdonut.co.uk For more information: Azure provides power and control
in developing applications. It contains
operating system that is virtually
accessed in the cloud and is capable
of hosting, storage and faster deve-
lopment. “Gmail is very flexible and powerful, and more than sufficient for the vast majority of small firms,” - Robert Davies WHAT'S MORE? References: http://www.itdonut.co.uk/it/networking/cloud-computing-and-hosted-services/essential-cloud-computing-services
http://www.salesforce.com/uk/socialsuccess/cloud-computing/10-great-cloud-applications-services-smes.jsp For more information: This picture is taken from dropbox. An application that enables us to sync files in our devices by means of uploading automatically. You can see as of today that leading companies like Windows and Apple supports cloud applications. Many companies helped cloud computing more
popular than before. - The hardware, software, and applications you're using may be anywhere up in the "cloud." As long as it all does what you want, you don't need to worry where it is or how it works.
www.explainthatstuff.com Each type of
application usually
has its own server. Take note: A cloud server needs twice the number of storage devices it requires to keep all its clients' information stored. Applications work by the process of virtualization.
Virtualized applications are application that has everything (operating systems, server configuration, and infrastructure) it needs to run anywhere and anytime on capable devices that have an access to it. In terms of online cloud operating systems, they undergo hardware virtualization. Applications in the cloud: Applications / services in the cloud are sent under a virtual machine. => Our Prezi contains .swf files(Flash).
Make sure your flash is updated!
Enjoy!! Layers + Issues Deployment 1981 WWW Made by: Group 11
- Ken Edward Asanion - Aldrich Lee
- Raul Martinez - Janmarc Panes For more information: Powerful and thinner mobile
devices. iCloud Game as a Service Google Apps Google Docs Dropbox Bungee Connect Multimedia Content: http://freeflashanimation.blogspot.com http://www.salesforce.com/uk/socialsuccess/cloud-computing/10-great-cloud-applications-services-smes.jsp
http://www.explainthatstuff.com/cloud-computing-introduction.html Main Sources: Others: All flash contents used were free. The pictures used on this Prezi are for non-profit use. Image copyrights belong to their respective owners; no infringement is intended. Digital Cloud Cards Digital cards is a thin and mini device used for identity. Our personal information will be stored in a cloud server wherein we can access it anytime and anywhere with the use of 'digital cloud cards'. People can decide which information to show. We can register people as friends or cache their names in the cards so that we can remember them. Digital cloud cards can be used as long as you have load or Internet (Like timezone card). However, it can cause lots of connections that can affect network traffics. With cloud computing, it is possible that cloud-enabled devices will be a client to access remote servers. Cloud servers will perform the computations through virtual machines and sends it to mobile devices. It will help the device save power and launch an application easily and fast. Cloud computing will increase devices capability in sharing information faster and secure. Text messaging through cloud may also be a future trend. Intelligent personal assistant like Siri will also be used more often because of cloud storage, which can store thousands of information. We will soon feel the real "Smartphone Era." Ever heard of
Cloud Computing ? HISTORY OF CLOUD - The use of cloud file sharing becomes more popular. We can access and share files through a cloud. Cloud storage can be for one person, partners, groups or even an organization. It can be customized and its space is limited. Just like a USB, if we need more space, we will buy another one, but in the future, we will just upgrade our cloud and then additional space is given. We can access it anywhere (physical machine or mobile / devices) as long as we have permission to do. Files are backed up in an external hardware. Big and Small businesses will find it very helpful since they can store and upload files in the cloud and get it anytime. Students and teachers will also find this very helpful. Improved and Personalized Cloud Storage
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