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Achieve World Class Manufacturing Efficiency

Paul Sanderson

on 1 December 2015

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Transcript of Plantrun

Monitor, manage and motivate staff
Identify poor performers for retraining
Identify best performers and share their best practices
Manage staff better through access to accurate shopfloor data (no more story telling)
Motivate staff using real time production indicators (actual and target production rates)
Increase competition between shifts and sites.
Reports include pre-installed best practice templates - or easily create custom reports.
Achieve World Class Manufacturing Efficiency
Whenever a machine stops the system counts the time - accurate to one second
Minimise Downtime
All downtime events are recorded
Reasons are captured for all long stoppages
Machine interlocking requires operator to enter reason before machine can be restarted
Multi level downtime reason menus can be created for each machine
Single and linked machines
Having access to accurate production information is vital for effective management and manufacturing efficiency.
Alerts via SMS text message, email or public address inform relevant staff for rapid resolution of problems and reduced production disturbances
Viewers enable detailed analysis of any parameter such as downtime, breakdowns, operators, products.
See at a glance the status of all your assets and key metrics.
Highlights top losses pinpointing where to target resources for best return.
Access information on your desktop, laptop, smart phone, internet, operator terminal or large screen displays.
Your Competitors
Production Metrics
Key Performance Indicators
Overall Equipment Effectiveness
Operator Efficiency
PlantRun delivers accurate live information from shopfloor to boardroom
Everything you need is built in...
Work Cells
Production Lines
Packaging & Assembly Lines
Any type
Proven by single and multi-site users
Supplied ready to use and backed up with technical support, training and maintenance contracts.
Highly cost effective, PlantRun typically pays for itself in less than 12 months
Find out more at plantrun.co.uk
A colour coded overview lets you see at a glance the status of all machines
By continuously monitoring your assets PlantRun quantifies production losses and the reasons for them.

You know exactly where to target resources for best return.
PlantRun connects to
of asset
Pareto Analysis
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