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Natalia Vazhnenko

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines,
Men and women with short hair
Changing trends Team: Fleur-de-lis
22nd of February,
L’Oreal Paris brand in ASEAN zone+hub in India Goal: to boost haircare and
styling category
Tasks: macro environment,
analysis of brand, brand
offering, competitors, consumers,
strategic recommendations N1 Beauty brand in the world Values: L'Oreal -> L'Oreal Paris 8 categories of product:
Skincare Make up
Gifts The only brand,which was not acquired by L’Oreal Integrity
Excellence The magic of science

Dream Beauty

Because you're worth it Elseve Hair Expertise: 6 lines, haircare+styling Elnett Satin StudioLine HAIRCARE STYLING Thailand Singapore Philippines India Malaysia Vietnam Brunei Burma Cambodia Indonesia ASEAN
Rich mixture of consumer preferences and budgets
The key market today for personal care product companies Ideal hair Top hair concerns: Elseve, Vive,
Elvive Brand with history (launched in 1972)
Jennifer Aniston, Claudia Schiffer, Kate Moss as representatives
Positioning: Innovative solution against most of the hair problems
DNA: Superiority, Sophistication, Sensoriality, Surprise Hair Expertise: Launched 2012
Positioning: without sulfates (haircare), alcohol free (styling)
6 lines: 3 for haircare, 3 for styling
Real emerging trend captured
More premium than Elseve subbrand

Complete range: Elnett Satin Launched in 1960
DNA: Legendary finish, fragrance, pack
Positioning: styling line for women who are looking for elegance
Long history+innovations
"Elnett" without a doubt the best hairspray in the world Competitors StudioLine Launched in 1985
10 lines, big variability in product lines
Positioning: creative
Most promising in terms of innovative approach of fast styling, new textures
"Studio Line products are the extreme holding disciplinarian that show your hair who's boss and keeps it in line!" Competitors Indonesia:
Split ends
Hair falling off
Scalp itching
Not shiny Philippines:
Split ends
Damaged hair
Dry hair
Not shiny Thailand:
Split ends
Hair falling off
Hair breakage
Damaged hair
Dry hair India:
Split ends
Hair falling off
Hair breakage
Premature graying Competitors:
World Asean+India Common problems:
Split ends
Damaged hair
Hair falling
Scalp problems Factors that cause hair and scalp problems in ASEAN:
•Sun ray, pollution, dust
•Less “proper” hair care
•Changing shampoo brands too often
•Using hairdryer and hair iron too much
•Unhealthy lifestyle: bad nutrition, stress Water:
Limited access
Bad quality Over 40% of ASEAN's population is Muslim:

Wearing hijab causes scalp problems
Wash hair frequently
"Halal" products Market share leaders inside companies: Markets Most of the people wash hair in buckets Asia-Pacific Market Market share
Must haves for haircare products:
Easy to rinse off
Healthy hair
Nourishes hair and roots
Nice fragrance
Soft hair
Unmet needs for haircare products:
Natural ingredients
Shiny hair
Dandruff control
Hair loss ASEAN:
One of the world's most diverse C&T markets
Wide range of preferences and budgets
Haircare and styling markets are fast growing Shiny Smooth Soft Normal Straight and long Dandruff free Strong Volume Short Thick Healthy scalp! Haircare - 71,1%
Styling - 10,8% Haircare - 71,1%
Styling - 10,8% Competitors VS Markets Summary P&G, Unilever - strong positions and first 2 places occupied in all of the ASEAN markets (haircare, 71,1%)

Styling (10,8%) - highly fragmented, with top 5 brands varying in every country - HIGH POTENTIAL BUT Styling category is growing tremendously! Companies' presence in ASEAN х 4P Product Price Place Promotion Cost of entry for shampoo and conditioner Elnett Countries' snapshot Pantene, Elseve and Extra Care share some similarities in brand personality Sunsilk is the only global brand oriented towards young and fashionable girls Fast growing market of men's care

Hair is the primary physical preoccupation for 70% of men
62% want hair care specifically made for them
41% buy shampoo for themselves
59% are experiencing thinning hair or concerned about it
Men's hair is shorter, so oil covers it more quickly making it more prone to look dirty There are no shampoos from market leaders (except for Kao) which are specifically designed for Asian hair L'Oreal Paris' presence in target countries: uneven
Officially not present in Burma, Laos, Brunei, Cambodia

Core statistics:
Religion x Distribution strategies Drug stores/ Cosmetics stores Hypermarkets/Supermarkets/Grocery Store In-high frequency stores(Sari-Sari, Mom-n-Pop) Styling Agents Haircare Haircare Styling Agents The least expensive Styling Agents Haircare Styling Stores

Trolley branding
Pillar branding
Entrance gate
Promo prices
Tag-on claims
Free tries
Gifts Internet

Social networks
Beauty online-magazines
Sunsilk"Gang of Girls" Consumer profile
Middle income:
Consumers keep in mind price, quality and service.

Like new products, but they stay loyal to the brand names that they know.

A keen buyer of foreign products. The purchasing power is at par with most of the European countries. Consumer profile
Low income:
Do not view health as a priority in their daily purchasing decisions.
About 60% of household income is spending on food. Have bad living conditions.
Like to try new brands but very price - sensitive. Outdoors

Public Bus
Magazines Strategic Recommendations Sachet format:

Affordable price and small cash outlay
Better control of usage
Less likelihood of accidents
Different brands per family
Changing shampoo brand frequently Thank you for
your attention! Haircare Opportunities
4 needs, unsatisfied by current offering by L'Oreal Paris (ASEAN):
For men
Hair fall
Product line, designed specifically for Asia Indian pecularity
Extraordinary Oil can be successfull in India (currently not launched) Existing products:
Hair expertise - to push in developed countries Need to emphasize the positive effect on scalp in promotion Expand in more ASEAN countries and exploit the 1st mover advantage
(Mandom - Myanmar)

Importance of sachet format - extreme necessity to improve the package
(difficult to open) General Recommendations Styling Existing
StudioLine's big opportunities, need to introduce more lines, specifically:
Matt and Messy, Mix it Up - for developed countries

Elnett line - strong points: fragrance, heat protection innovation readily available

Introduce StudioLine to India:
2nd most searched in India men hairstyle
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