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Bic underwear


Amanda Harclerode

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Bic underwear

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli By Grant Carlton & Amanda Harclerode BIC UNDERWEAR Bic The company, best known for producing disposable pens, thought its brand name was strong enough to be applied to other categories. Indeed, it had already achieved success with disposable cigarette lighters and safety razors. Disposable is the key word. #1 Problem The main problem was that the company insisted on using the Bic name. As marketing writer Al Ries has observed, using the same name in unrelated categories can create difficulties. ‘If you have a powerful perception for one class of product, it becomes almost impossible to extend that perception to a different class,’ he argues. Bic's genus Bic had great ideas and this one could have cought them as a good one but to the people buying the underwear most likely did not want them at all. they did not think it all the way through and the marketing on the products were very poor. Bic underwear flop Bic tried its hardest to find a new product they could sell. they jumped way to far on this one for it to become successful. the product was going nowhere from the get go. Lesson 1 Be flexible. The brand association for Bic in the mind of the consumer simply wasn’t flexible enough for a move into an unrelated product category. Lesson 2 Exploit existing resources. The other Bic brand extensions made sense because the company could exploit its existing sales force, distribution channels and production technology. None of which came in handy for the range of underwear.
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