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Bahamas Human-Envoronmental Interaction

No description

Kylie Higgins

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Bahamas Human-Envoronmental Interaction

Human-Environmental Interaction Bahamas What types of environmental issues are facing your country due to the development of resources? *Water Pollution

*Coral Reef Decay

*Hurricane Wilma What sort of impact has it had? Costs Water Pollution From Clay & Glass Industries
(% of total BOD emissions) Hurricane Wilma Struck on October 15, 2005 – October 26, 2005 There was 62 total fatalities in Hurricane Wilma. The lowest pressure was 882 mb. Highest winds were 183 mph. It was a category 5 hurricane. Affected areas were the Bahamas, Haiti, Belize, Cayman Islands, Florida, Jamaica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Cuba and more. This included almost the entire western half of the islands. The Bahamas was 10.15 as of 2001. Its highest value over those 12 years 2001-1989 was 10.15 in 2001, while its lowest value was 6.54 in 1990. * Hurricane Wilma impacted the whole country that was hit by destroying their communities. Any type of natural disaster is extremely impacting.

* Water pollution impacts the ability to find clean water. If their water is polluted, then they cannot have a reliable clean water source.

* Coral reef decay could possibly impact the tourism. Word of disappointment could spread & the Bahamas' tourism wouldn't be as good as it could be if there was no coral reef decay. From the damage that was done from Hurricane Wilma, it costed over 100 million U.S. Dollars. As a result, Wilma is ranked among the top five most costly hurricanes ever recorded in the Atlantic. It is also ranked the fifth costliest storm in United States history. Made By: Kylie Higgins Jada & Brynna Johnson also in group.
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