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Anti-Semitic Propoganda

No description

levi kent

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Anti-Semitic Propoganda

Anti-Semitic Propaganda Chanel Ferguson, Brett Duncan, Levi Carter, Tyler Norman The origin is in 1935 in Nuremberg Germany. Purpose is to isolate the jews. Showing that the jews are money hungry and out to steal your money because in the middle ages they where the money lenders and where though to steel money. The value is to make the people of Germany not trust the Jews and to cast them out. This picture originates from a German children's
book that was published in 1936. With headlines saying "Jews are our misfortune" and "How the Jews cheat" this piece of propaganda is trying to persuade German children to hate the Jews. Purpose: To advertise an anti-Semitic film. The poster casts Jews in a negative light to begin with but the film itself in the main goal of this poster. The film was made to desensitize the Germans towards the increase in resentment and prosecution towards Jews. Das Ungeziefer: The Vermin Value This piece of propaganda is valuable because it shows us that Germany not only wanted to control the minds of the adult population but they also wanted control of the children. Information obtained from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum website, www.ushmm.org. This is a poster advertising the antisemitic film "The Eternal Jew" from 1940. This poster's purpose is to get people to come see the film. The film was another piece of antisemitic propaganda altogether. Value This piece of propaganda is valuable because it shows that the Germans were branching out and using new forms of media to control the masses. The line blow the picture read: "Just as it is often very difficult to tell the poisonous from the edible mushrooms, it is often very difficult to recognize Jews as thieves and criminals" The origin is from children's book from 1935 in Nuremberg Germany to educate Non-Jewish children about how bad the Jews are. The value is it tells how to tell the difference between the Jews from the non-Jews. It also warns children not to trust their Jewish classmates, or even Jews who have converted to Christianity. The value is to show how Germany wants every one to see the Jews for what they think they really are so they use these propaganda posters or books to do this. Value: It shows that anti-Semitic propaganda was branching out not from just posters but to movies as well. Not only that but a lot of time and money was being spent with many people to create propaganda with a greater impact for the cause of anti-Semitism. Origin: The anti-Semitic propaganda film. Der Ewige Jude (The Eternal Jew) was released on the 28th of November in 1940.This poster was released with it as part of the crude message against Jews. Origin: Purpose: Value: This poster was printed by Der Strumer which was founded by Julius Striecher. With the slogan "Jews are our misfortune" they were about the most violently anti-Semitic publication in Germany at the time. The purpose of the publication was to dehumanize the Jews. They did this by presenting distorted, inhuman pictures of Jews to make them seem less relatable. The whole idea was to make the Jews seem impure and disgusting compared to the righteous Germans. This dehumanizing of Jews allowed the segregation and subsequent slaughter of Jews more tolerable. This is one of the most read anti-Semitic publications and it hit a wide range of people. Communism Money Origin: This piece of propaganda originated during the beginning of the Nazi regime. Unfortunately, I could not find a specific date. Purpose: The obvious purpose of this propaganda was to brain wash German citizens into believing that Jews were the 'pests' of the world. That all they were was greedy for money and power. Value: The value of this piece is in the fact that it exemplifies the type of harassment and stereotypes the Jews faced, and still face even today. Origin: Purpose: Value: As with the other image I could not find a specific date (year) for the origin of this propaganda, though I believe it also originated during or before the actual Holocaust while the Nazi's were still trying to gain power. The purpose of this piece of propaganda was to try to convince the people of Germany that the Jewish people were ultimately greedy and that all they (the Germans) were doing was encouraging their greedy behavior by allowing them to feed off their hard work. The value of this document is, again, it's use as a view into what Jewish stereotypes were like during the peak of antisemitism. It can also be used as a source to determine why the Nazi party was not stopped before things got as bad as they did. THE END
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