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6th Grade 2014-2015

No description

Leah Mangano

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of 6th Grade 2014-2015

Mr. Hartwell was my math teacher. He was also really nice!
6th grade
I went to Troy Intermediate in 6th grade and my homeroom teacher was Ms. J. Dalgleish.
Language Arts
Mrs. Geraci was my Language arts teacher. She was so fun!
6th Grade 2014-2015
Ms. Dalgleish was my science and homeroom teacher. She was so nice!
What we learned
1. Mean
2. Statistical questions
3. Median
4. Mode
5. Box and Whisker Plots
6. Histograms
7. Dot plots
8. Rational numbers
9. Dividing/Multiplying/Adding/Subtracting decimals and fractions
10. Percents
11. Interest
12. Inequalities
13. Order of Operations
14. Area of 2-d shapes
15. Surface area
16. Volume
What we learned
What We Learned
1. Six Kingdoms: Plantae, Animalia, Fungi, Eubacteria, Archaeabacteria, and Protista
2. The cell theory
3. Organelles
4. Animal and Plant cells
5. 8 characteristics of living things
6. Viruses
7. Matter
8. Atoms
9. Mass
10. The Periodic Table
11. Elements
12. Compounds
13. Mixtures
14. Minerals
15. Earth Systems

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