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Minnesota Smoking Prevention Program (MSPP) by Mr. Begoyan.

No description

William Begoyan

on 25 October 2016

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Transcript of Minnesota Smoking Prevention Program (MSPP) by Mr. Begoyan.

Minnesota Smoking Prevention Program (MSPP)
by Mr. Begoyan
(Goes on page 19 in your Interactive Notebook)

Tobacco Facts
It is estimated that over 480,000 Americans die every year from tobacco use.
The population of Sacramento is around 480,000.

Why do people use tobacco?
People you know use tobacco.
Secondhand Smoke
More Americans have died from tobacco-related diseases than from all of the wars that involved Americans (including the Revolutionary War, Civil War, Both World Wars, Vietnam)
Tobacco kills more people than all drugs combined.
Tobacco is the #1 most preventable cause of death in the U.S.
The population of Finland is approximately 5 million people.
Approximately 5 million people die every year world wide due to tobacco use.
Every 6.5 seconds someone in the world dies from tobacco related illness or disease.
Define the word "
What are some consequences for using tobacco?
Peer Pressure
Known as chewing tobacco, spit tobacco, chew, snuff, dip, dipping.
Involves placing tobacco in your mouth and keeping it there, and either spitting out or swallowing the tobacco juices.
Used to be a habit of some old men, cowboys and some baseball players.
Smokeless tobacco was popularized in sports and the media, with athletes and actors being paid to advertise the product.
Smokeless tobacco was advertised as the safe alternative to smoking.
Advertisements made it seem like smokeless tobacco made you macho, athletic, and rugged.
What are some consequences for using smokeless tobacco?
Gum disease
Short term: Bad breath, dizziness, headaches, red eyes.
Short term: Bad breath, smelly clothing, stained teeth, yellowing of fingers, coughing, addiction, cost in money, house fires.
Lung Cancer
Why do individuals start using tobacco?
It makes you look older.
It's advertised to look fun.
Friends are smoking.
To be accepted in to groups.
What are some positive alternatives to using tobacco?
How many students do you think smoke in the Unites States?
Base your answer as a percentage.
On average, in 7th grade more than 5% of students reported smoking.
Use the interview handout that I passed out, and interview one of your parents/guardians about their thoughts/experiences on using tobacco.
Tobacco use and Peer Pressure have been tied together for a long time now.
Where do you think people start smoking?
Discuss the meaning of
peer pressure
Peer pressure is when members or friends of the same age group try to influence or talk you into doing things that you do not do.
The behavior (smoking in this case) is observed.
The behavior is offered to the person.
The person is pressured to try the behavior/activity through teasing, slamming, or name calling.
Continual pressure is applied at the person to try the behavior/activity by pestering, nagging and even begging.
Types of Peer Pressure
What are some refusal strategies you can use to combat peer pressure? Come up with at least one for each type of peer pressure.
Secondhand smoke:
Mixture of the smoke exhaled by the smoker, and the burning end of the tobacco.
Secondhand smoke can have many of the same effects on your body as smoking.
Exposure to secondhand smoke is nearly as damaging as smoking itself.
Group Activity:
As a group, come up with a role playing scenario where peer pressure is present, and you are practicing a safe refusal strategy.
Nine billion dollars is the amount of money that the
U.S. Tobacco Industry
spends on advertisement every year to get you smoking.
Tobacco companies can deduct this advertisement, saving themselves almost 1 billion dollars a year.
The tobacco industry costs the US over
$290 billion
dollars a year, through medical care and loss of productivity.
These advertisements can be found in various places, often in reach of minors for whom it is illegal to smoke.
They even come in pink!
Tobacco advertisements have been banned from television broadcasting, but they are easy enough to find.
Billboards advertizing tobacco are still legal in 4 states.
In the U.S. and many countries around the world, tobacco can not be advertised without warnings.
The warnings are even placed on the pack.
People are fighting back, with advertisements against smoking.
There is no money that is gained though these advertisements, only lives saved.
As a group, come up with an anti-smoking advertisement of your own.
The End
AVID Question: What do I know about smoking?
Long Term
Long Term
What can you do to stop
If you are a smoker, or you know a smoker who wants to quit, you are not alone.
There are many free resources available to help you quit.
Realizing that you need help and seeking it out is the first and the biggest step on the path of becoming tobacco free.
Most people start smoking in school!
Over 20% of people in the US still smoke.
Nearly half of US smokers have tried to quit.
(write this down)
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