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Libraries: A Place for You

A sample of things you can do at the library.

Amanda Reznicek

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Libraries: A Place for You

What to Do at the Library by: Amanda Reznicek Read Reading is a time honored and traditional activity at the library. The library can give students a safe, quiet place to enjoy reading. Attend a storytime or community program Many libraries frequently host storytimes for children. They also provide opportunies for community service and volunteering. During tax season libraries often provide free lessons in filing your taxes. Adult and family friendly activites Movie nights, music nights, craft days, and gardening lessons are just a few of the activities libraries host. Typically activities will be posted with suggested age levels and most are free to members of the community. Research Whether through books or computers, the library is the place to be to research both for fun and for school. When researching at the library patrons have easy instant access to guidance in the form of the librarian Check Out Today libraries check out more than just books. Most libraries have audio books, CDs, DVDs, CD-ROMs, Kits, E-books, and even, in some libraries, Blu-Ray Discs. Book Clubs Regardless of age or interest the library has a book club for you, and if they don't, create it! The library is a multi-functional space that has something for everyone
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