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The Atlantic Slave Trade

World History

Grace Burgert

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of The Atlantic Slave Trade

How it started...
The Atlantic Slave Trade
The Journey
"The Middle Passage"
• Ghastly conditions
• Many died during the journey
• >10 million slaves shipped across the Atlantic
• Considered important trade item

The Effects of Slave Trade
How it Affected Europeans
gained profit
How it Affected African Tribes
resulted in the spread of African Americans
treated unfairly
lost a lot of culture

The Slave Trade
15th Century - Portuguese initiated the purchase of slaves

16th Century - Slave trading soon fueled the economy in conjunction with that of gold

17th Century - Slaves had become a coveted commodity

Slave Trade
by the numbers
10 Million
Slaves shipped across the Atlantic in

Each slave was sold for about

of African slaves came from West Africa

Grace Burgert, Anna Turner, Andy Nguyen, Cathy Hyeon
• Europeans traveling through in search of gold, spices, etc.
• Supply new colonies
• Couldn’t make plantations in Africa
•Had been practiced for centuries

What They Traded
Europeans: firearms
African merchants: natural resources, slaves
Effects (cont.)
How it Affected the Merchants
gained profit
Works Cited
The Emergence of the Atlantic Slave Trade: Documents
How did the Europeans buy slaves?
The Europeans were forbidden inside the mainlands of the New World where the slave suppliers resided. So, in order to obtain the required amounts of slaves, a new job sprung up for the native Indians. These people were the 'middlemen' and their job is to help deliver the European's inquires to the suppliers and also to deliver the slaves to the Europeans. The Ijo and Warri people often fights over and wage wars in order to decide who will dominate in this 'middleman' job that makes lots of profit.
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