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French Culture Assignment - Sailing

No description

Ella Boston

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of French Culture Assignment - Sailing

Rules of Individual and Team Racing History of Competitive Dinghy Sailing French Terminology buoy - bouée
penalty - amende
protest - protester auprès de
Starboard - à tribord
port - à bâbord
knots- noeuds
mainsail - grand-voile
jib - foc
wind - vent
boom - bôme Significance of Sailing in France The Groupama Sailing Team and the
O.N.L.Y. Sailing Team By Ella Boston Sailing - La Voile The Course Penalties and scoring Other Rules Team Racing course - A smaller course
- 'S' shaped
- A variety of upwind, downwind and reaches
- Relatively short - only 15 to 20 minutes long Individual Racing course -A much larger course
-Varying in shape
-A longer course usually taking around an hour to complete Starting The Race Team racing starts - 3 minute starts because of the smaller course
- Most important part of the race Individual racing starts - Longer starts times varying on the course size
- Class signals are also sometimes used in the starts at big competitions -Most complicated part of the race
- very confusing
- Flags and signs tell the racers how long they have
until the start. Penalties Scoring Scoring in team racing - the lowest score combination wins Scoring in individual racing - The boat with the highest score wins
- E.g. 1st place = 10 points, last place = 0 points - Penalties are awarded by the umpires
- Penalties can be given for:
- bad language
- false starts
- Taking advantage of an inexperienced sailor
- Refusing to give other sailors room to turn
- crashing into a mark

- A penalty may mean 1,2 or 4 360 turns
- Penalties do not detract from your score Giving Way - The boat sailing on port has to give way
- If two boats are sailing on starboard the boat furthest from the wind has to give way
- All boats must avoid collisions Bluffing - No sailor is allowed to take advantage of an inexperienced sailor
- Penalty = four 360 turns Giving Room - If a boat is near an obstacle and doesn't have enough room to turn other boats must give room - Dinghy sailing has been around for centuries
- Started off in 1887 with Thomas Middleton and the water wag
- In the 1800s sailing was popular but still expensive
- In the 1900s boats developed into faster models with the help of Uffa Fox
- After WWII aircraft materials were used to create the frames of dinghies
- In the 21st century boats are faster and more popular than ever before. - Sailing is embedded into the history of costal France

- Sailing is a popular sport
due to France's wide coastline

- French sailing heroes are

- For example Eric Tabarly who
spent all his life on the water The Groupama Sailing Team - winners of the 2011-2012 Volvo ocean race
- skippered by Franck Cammas
- the holders of the North Atlantic crossing
record of 4 days, 3 hours, 57 minutes and 54
seconds The O.N.L.Y Sailing Team - Brought home silver in the 2012
olympics women's match racing
- Now training hard in Sydney for Rio 2016 and
other international competitions
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