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The Pueblo Tribe Presentation

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michelle chang

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of The Pueblo Tribe Presentation

The Pueblo Tribe
Presentation made by Michelle Chang and Isabel Jung

Religion and Spirituality
The Pueblo's passed on the story about Mother Earth. The story was that Mother Earth sent two people called Clay Man and Clay Woman. They both made pots and the Pueblo women followed. They told their stories in a place called Kiva. Because of that story, they celebrated for the honor of Mother Earth who is now called Mother Nature. There were also some mythical figures named Sun Father, Corn Mother, and Thought Woman. Popé was a famous person who was part of the Pueblo tribe. Popé helped others communicate because they spoke differently. Popé was a good, kind, hearted person. People believe that Popé was the leader of the Pueblo tribe.
Pueblo's Artwork and Their Arts
Government and Social Organization
Women in the Pueblo tribe worked and made clay pots for their family. The family stays together by their parents, brother, sister, baby, grandparents, and more. They think it is the dad who is the leader of a family. He hunts animals for food and more. Then if a dad had a son who was old enough to hunt, then the son would become a dad and know how to hunt for food.
Do you have any questions
These people were known most for their beautiful pottery of pots. This ability made them different from other tribes. Some pots were used for religion and others for storage. They adapted to this harsh climates by building pueblos and growing various type of food with little water like corn, squash, and beans.
Other Ideas
The Pueblo Tribe traveled to the Southwest where New Mexico was. "Pueblo" means spanish town. Their houses were made out of stone, wood, and adobe. They are some type of strong clay. After a few days, their houses would harden. The women wore cotton clothes during the hot days. When it was night, it was cold. The Pueblo tribe ate pumpkins from reducing pumpkin seeds, corn, beans, and drank water. They saved water to water the plants they had. Clay pots was used for serving food. Families give clay pots as presents.
The Pueblo did pottery, basketry, and textile weaving. They did it as their every-day life. Their music always included dances. They beat drums, sang, and danced. Their point of music was the fact that they wanted to celebrate the important things in their life like eagles in the traditional Eagle Dance. In this Eagle dance, the dancers wore like eagles and they performed the dance. The people who was included in the dance were the tribe members who lived in that pueblo.
and summary
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