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Ballroom Dancing 1910's

No description

Dillon McConaughey

on 5 May 2013

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Transcript of Ballroom Dancing 1910's

Originates from the Latin word ballare (to dance)

Dates back to Renaissance Period

Gained popularity in early 20th Century

1910’s considered the “Ballroom Decade” History First big performance together in Paris

Made their debut together in New York in 1912
Became highly demanded by the public

Refined, popularized and invented various forms of dances

Opened a dancing school (Castle House), a nightclub (Castles by the Sea) and a restaurant (Sans Souci) in New York (1914)

Helped move social dancing from the ballroom to public venues Vernon and Irene Castle Popular dances consisted of the Foxtrot, Tango, Castle Walk, Waltz, One-Step

Often danced to ragtime and jazz rhythms
Made the music widely accepted among the public

Irene initiated the vogue for shorter skirts and flowing gowns to be worn among women
Women’s skirts became short from floor length to above the ankle.
Credited for introducing American women the bob

Men often wore suits/tuxes DANCE/MUSIC/FASHION Ballroom Dancing
1910's In the Media Media helped further popularize ballroom dancing
Ballroom dancing high in demand

Ballroom dancing appeared in newsreels
Various Broadway shows and motion pictures were created
Many featured Vernon and Irene Castle
Broadway shows and films were well received by critics and the public

Vernon and Irene Castle appeared in fashion magazines
Irene endorsed fashion designs in Ladies Home Jornal

The press referred to new dances as "dance craves" Impact on Community People were inspired by Vernon and Irene Castle
Widespread enthusiasum among the public
Began to take up the art of dancing
Paid big money for dance lessons
People invented their own varaiations of dances
Inspired to dress differently and accept new music

Restaurants began to equip dance floors for public to dance
Many public events were held at these trendy restaurants
Dance competitions

Began to “go out” more
Couples would go out to eat for dinner and dance afterwards
Many public social events
People enjoyed Broadway musicals and films Ballroom Dancing Today Continues to be a popular form of entertainment

Dance competitions are held all over the world every year
Invitational/Public events
Professional dance exhibitons
Formal competitions

Dance lessons/clubs/studios accessible in any city

Dancing with the Stars (2005 – Present)
Helped popularize ballroom dancing for the 21st Century Rise to Popularity Vernon and Irene Castle
Husband-and-wife ballroom dance team

Heavily contributed to the popularity of ballroom dancing

Trendsetters (Dance, Fashion, Music) Dillon McConaughey
Alexandra Moua
Nick Runge
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