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No description

Catarina Eusébio

on 12 January 2015

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Transcript of Advertising

TV Advertising
Cinema Advertising
Underground advertising
Types of advertising
Radio Advertising
Internet Advertising
Advertising techniques
What is it?
Any form of communication that is intended to persuade you into taking some action
Buying a product
Joining a company
Advertising techniques
"Attitude towards the ad"
Bus stop advertising
You like the sound of it;
You like the product.
Personal, controversial or boring products
Advertisers manipulate our minds.

Peer pressure is also included as an advertising technique.

Sometimes, a catchy song is all they need to enhance the appeal of a product.

89.3% of advertisements use music
Radio is the source which is most frequently associated with music.

Songs allow potential consumers a vision into what is on offer and help stimulate the consumer’s beliefs in a product.

Music does not require visual attention and thus is ideal for radio advertisements.

High-quality colours, the sound and movement, the big and large screen and it’s high quality impact are some aspects which attract the audience.

HEBS is another type of advertising which gives information about a specific topic or problem in our society.

The advertisements depend on the place the movie is watch, the type of movie watched and the ages of the audience.

Nowadays, there are also music channels like MTV
The newest form of advertisement is the internet.

There is the option of downloading advertisements or even visual clips as well as screen savers and wallpaper.

Music, animation, pictures, colours and icons are important.

Tv ads first appeared in 1955.

TV had the benefit of transmitting ads to people, comfortably sat at home.

Besides attracting attention and carrying a message, music or jingles can be used to cue the visuals of advertisement.

Escalator advertising
Cinema advertising
Types of advertising
Radio advertising
Internet advertising
TV advertising
The end
Catarina Eusébio nº47
Leonor Miguel nº67
Filipa Barbosa nº659

Professora Ana Pargana
Thank You!
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