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Black Plague

No description

Ashika Gopalkrishnan

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Black Plague

Causes: dirty conditions = spread
fleas and rodents carried bacteria - Yersinia pestis
months without a change of clothing or baths
streets filled with human waste, dead animals, and trash
trade routes
The Black Plague Symptoms:

painful swellings,"buboes," in armpits and groin
purplish or blackish spots on skin
high fever
most cases: death "The great Mortality" or "The Pestilence" 3 types of the Black Death: Bubonic:
most common
causes swellings
most feared (visible), but most survivable (40-60%)

attacks body or lungs
no tell-tale signs
exceedingly easy to spread (like common cold)
exceedingly deadly (90-95%)(1-3 days to die)

little known
not known how many people had it
no signs
deadly (thought 100% died)
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