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The Censors

No description

english 2012

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of The Censors

The Censors Sam, Alyssa, Vinny Characters Connector 1984 by George Orwell Juan: Determined Mariana: Whimsical Juan: Impulsive Page 966 Paragraph 4 Page 968 Paragraph 7 Page 968 Paragraph 4 Literary Luminary ".....he applied simply to intercept his own letter, an idea none too original but comforting. He was hired immediately, for each day more and more censors are needed and no one would bother to check on his references. Ulterior motives couldn’t be overlooked by the Censorship Division, but they needn’t be too strict with those who applied. They knew how hard it would be for the poor guys to find the letter they wanted and even if they did, what’s a letter or two compared to all the others that the new censor would snap up?" "Soon his work became so absorbing that his noble mission blurred in his mind. Day after day he crossed out whole paragraphs in red ink, pitilessly chucking many letters into the censored basket. These were horrible days when he was shocked by the subtle and conniving ways employed by people to pass on subversive messages; his instincts were so sharp that he found behind a simple “the weather’s unsettled” or “prices continue to soar” the wavering hand of someone secretly scheming to overthrow the Government." "He was about to congratulate himself for having finally discovered his true mission, when his letter to Mariana reached his hands. Naturally, he censored it without regret. And just as naturally, he couldn’t stop them from executing him the following morning, one more victim of his devotion to his work." "Along with many other applied for a censor's job- not because he had a calling like others or needed a job; no, he applied simply to intercept his own letter, an idea none too original but comforting." Puts a lot of effort into his job
Does anything he can to get promoted
Crushes others to do so Mariana does things on a whim
Moves to Paris because she's always "dreamed of going there"
Leaves Juan behind In the story, all of the mail being sent back and forth had to go through series of security checks. That can relate to us teenagers because sometimes our parents will check our phones and social networking sites. Parents do that to make sure you are not doing anything stupid and you are safe.

That is the situation in the story to, they check the mail so they can keep the country and its people safe. Doesn't think things through
Applied for job without thinking of the consequences
Should have chosen a different plan Is so dedicated to his job he censors his own letter
Put to death for that reason Summary of The Censors Juan wants to talk to Mariana.
Juan is aware of the censoring of letters in Latin America
He knows that his letter most likely will not be allowed to be sent through. Censoring in the Civil War Censoring becomes popular during times of war
The Civil War was the first was when censoring was used
Letters searched for anything that would help the enemy such as locations or physical weaknesses
Mail disregarded if in a foreign language or if it contained profanity
Soldiers wrote shorter letters
Censoring was preformed by dentist or chaplain 1984 by George Orwell Quote from The Censors; “they examine, sniff, feel and read between the lines of each and every letter, and check i;ts tiniest comma and most accidental stain”

Quote from "1984": “this process of continuous alteration was applied not only to newspapers, but to books, periodicals, pamphlets, posters, leaflets, films, soundtracks, cartoons photographs – to every kind of literature or documentation which might conceivably hold any political or ideological significance” Censoring during war periods relates to The Censors
In the story, mail was censored things that add weakness to the government
During the war, mail was censored to ruin any chance of the enemy learning important info
Both show extreme measures the government has to take to keep people in their place In Venezuela, a news broadcast was taken off the air and a editor for the news broadcast was jailed for publishing photo montages depicting government officials as cabaret dancers. In Argentina, the president declared news as being in "The People Interest" and they are allowed to print news there.

This relates to the story because it shows that not all of Latin America is censored and very strict with there censoring. Juan gets hired as a censor and climbs up the ranks trying to intercept his letter.
Juan eventually found his letter and censored it.
After Juan censored his own letter, he was executed. Summary *Juan became obsessed with his job
*over- censored letters *Juan finds his letter
*censors it, because that is his job
*killed the next day
*leaves the question it Juan had written negative things about the government in his letter Writes a letter to Juan to show she hasn't forgotten him
But doesn't think of what it might lead to
Does not think before she acts *easy for Juan to get censor job
*he planned to intercept a letter he had wrote Page 966 Paragraph 4 Page 968 Paragraph 4 Page 968 Paragraph 7 *both stories talk about extreme censorship
*both deal with process of checking and rechecking mail Juan: Impulsive
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