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Slender Seahorse

No description

Lucila Solorio

on 18 December 2015

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Transcript of Slender Seahorse

Slender Seahorse
Endangered Species.

By: Lucila Solorio
Food .....YUK
Why endangered?
Slender seahorses are endangered because in some areas like Central America people use these seahorses for a traditional medicine for Heart disease and asthma and arteriosclerosis. Also they are captured to be put in aquariums also being sold.
How big can a Slender Seahorse get?
A Slender Seahorse can grow up to be 7 inches in length.
Different colors/How long do they live ?
The coloring
is based on the seahorses surrounding but during mating season their color changes to darker color.
About the males
The number of rings it has is about 35 on its tail and 15-17 on its main body.
The Slender seahorse can live up to 5 years and can produce offspring during their eight month mating season and yes they do mate for life.
The Males carry their young in their pouch for 2 weeks then give birth about 1,600 babies or more.
This slender seahorse is a secondary consumer because they eat a little fish like shrimp but its called mysidas which are really small.
These Slender Seahorses are kept in tanks for a feast and being dried ....just look
Where are they located?
well these critters can be found in warm shallow areas like these are right here.
Why?.......There used to live a seahorse called paradoxical sea horse and the way how this seahorse got extinct is by food and medicine.
Just why.......
These Slender sea horse are really smart because they hang on corals so they don't float away when there prey is near by.
Some solutions
Don't buy seahorses
Speak up
Help those who are endangered
Thank you and make our world a much better place to live.
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