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No description

Mahdi Naimi

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Architect

For 2 week of my own vacation time I would like to go some with more history and sight and that's why chose to go to Rome, Lazio, Italy where there delicious food and delightful Italian culture, the best thing about Rome is its history, it was the most powerful and greatest country but today, sights such as the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon are amazing and they always will in my opinion and that's I chose Rome as my vacation. But the real question how much would this cost? I would be spending 1 week in Rome then the other week such sight seeing my own city. Spending 1 week in Rome would cost $778 for flight for there and back and $71 a night for 7 night with a total $497 for hotel room. Also I would have about $750 for extra expenses like, tours the city, eating, etc and to pay for this $2025 I would be using money from my surplus.
Planning a Vacation
Monthly Expenses
Accommodation- $1853.11 x 30% - 555.93 - $2409.04 - 8848.40 Dirhams
Transport costs- $389.80 x 20% - 77.96 - $469.67 - 1718.08 Dirhams
Groceries- $310 - 1138.63 Dirhams
Clothing- $175 - 734.60 Dirhams
Miscellaneous- $125 - 459.13 Dirhams
Leisure- $250 - 1101.90 Dirhams
Other Items- $150 - 734.60 Dirhams
Total - $3888.71 - 14283.23 Dirhams
Surplus - $611.29 - 2245.27 Dirhams
The way of transportation that I will be using is a car. The car that I will buy is a black, four door 2013 Ford Mustang V6 Coupe used. This is has a 18,409 mileage which is good. The cost is $20,988 and I converted it to a 5 year plan and my monthly transportational cost will be $389.80 and I will use 20% for other vehicle cost such as gas, vehicle breakdowns, etc and the 20% will be a total of $77.96 and at the end the total will be $467.76 converted to dirhams will be 1718.08 dirhams for my vehicle cost
For my architectural career I will be study in Canada at the Toronto University but working in the UAE. The vast majority of Canadian architects have completed a degree in architecture from a university program approved by the Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB). An alternative way to become an architect is through the "apprenticeship" Syllabus Program offered by the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC).

University professional degree for architectural programs may last from five to seven years and provide training which includes critical analysis and integration of knowledge. Canadian programs are currently offered at both the bachelor level (B.Arch.) and the master's level (M.Arch.); however the professional degree is granted only at the master's level.
Salaries may range from around $50,000 a year up to $140,000 or more for partners and directors. But I myself as a building designer in architect industry make about $90,000 as a gross paid monthly income. As a gross monthly income which is $90,000 divided by 12 is $7,500, monthly gross income. But since I have deductions which is 40% I am left with $4,500 also know as $16,528.50 United Arab Emirates Dirhams which is very little compared to $7,500 but I could eventually, be part of the partners or directors of architects then I'll be paid more. But again this is not the exact amount that i would get paid because of coarse I would start at the bottom which is $4,166 a month, which is close to the minimum that an architect works. Then eventually move up, then the salary I chose was 4,500 a month.
Money Earnings

There is architecture all around the world which in every single country you can think about because every house or building is designed by an architect. But what matter where would you best find the best job or where would you be the busiest because that way you expect to make money which is true. But not everywhere need many architects. But where I would be working is in the United Arab Emirates which is also known as Abu Dubai. I feel like it is one of the most architectural countries. But it doesn't mean the you have to work in Abu Dubai because some other places are similar too.
Where will I be?
My job includes:
Preparing and proposing ideas to my clients.
Making site visits to check on progress.
Conferencing with contractors and other professionals about the project.
Dealing with problems that might happen during the construction.
Drawing and coming up with detailed designs.
Attending regular meetings with clients, contractors and other specialists.
We figure out ways to prevent the building from fires, floods, collapsing, etc.
Job Description

My job as an architect is that I am full time working, office based architect. I work in the construction industry of designing and coming up with ideas that can make new and creative buildings. We restore and protecting old buildings from breakdowns. We also try to develop new ways of using existing buildings. We are involved in construction projects from the earliest stages right through to the completion. We start designing the building in the start and make sure it goes accordingly to the ideas of the clients.
How many hours a week do you work?
For my job as an architect I work around 40 hours/week which is 5 days from 9am to 5pm doing real work. Being in an office, meeting with clients, designing images, or just coming up with creative ideas.Plus usually a few hours at home reading architecture news/doing research on new designs. I also spend some time after hours meeting with clients because most of them are finished working around 4-5pm because this is the time there available and, so I have to have a flexible schedule because everyone wants different times, not everybody is applied for certain time, then I have fix my schedule because the more customers I have, the better it will be. So in conclusion I work my work hours and extra hours for meetings.
Best places to be an architect
United Arab Emirates
Saudi Arabia
Abu Dubai Map
As you can see hear, where I work is in Abu Dubai which is near the middle eastern or other words in Asia.
Where I expect to live is in Abu Dubai or other term in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) because I work inside the main city and I can't work out side the country. Finding a home in Dubai is very challenging because their is not very much land and most of Dubai is mostly all condos, apartments, or luxurouis villas but if your not willing to pay more than 3 million U.S dollars which can buy about a small to medium sized villa then you can still afford a luxurious apartment or condo. Luckily I found a very nice condo that are appropriate in my living habits.
My Apartment
I own a 872 square foot 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment bonaire. Its address is in Dubai Marina. Its in downtown Dubai close to my work and other living needs such as, food markets, clothing store, etc.

My Apartment
My apartment in Abu Dubai cost a total of $1,600,000 United Arab Emirates Dirhams also know as UAE but converted to U.S dollars it is $435,611.20 which is a bit for a 872 square foot apartment but its a new luxurious building professionally designed by architects. Also with this home I inserted a 30 year mortgage plan with a 3.09% interest rate. Along with monthly payment which will be $1,853.11 which will be 6806.47 dirhams which I have to pay each and every month for 30 years. But with the 30% expenses for the home the total will be $2409.04. After the payment of my home payment monthly I will have $2646.89 ( 9722.03 dirhams ) left over for my other necessary expenses
Schools for architecture
Carleton University
University of Calgary
Université de Montréal
University of Manitoba
University of Waterloo
University of Toronto
Ryerson University
University of British Columbia
McGill University
Université Laval
Dalhousie University
These are all the school for architectural designing in Canada
High School
It’s hard to say which courses are best, in high school because all schools of architecture are very different in what they need from student at the university level of architecture. It is a good idea to find out now what is required for in high school so you can be allowed you to go to a university you would like to attend.

Mature students (people who are not recent high school graduates) are also welcomed by most Schools of Architecture.
For my job as an architect I work full time and receive about 2 weeks of vacation a year, My vacation time that I can do or travel anywhere I want. Also since I am an architect the company send us over to different countries to take a view of their home, building or skyscrapers to receive and create better ideas and get a better understanding of the other countries sights. But since we go in different countries its practically a vacation because you can do anything you want there, you take your family or friends, etc. So therefore I receive approximately 4 weeks of vacation time per year.
Leisure Activities
Since I am a very busy worker and I only have the weekends off, I wont be able to do very much leisure activities. But since i I do spend about $250 on leisure and I have very much surplus money I am able to to 1 leisure activity and I have chosen playing soccer on the weekends. It would cost about $350 just for house league soccer once a week but the $350 will last the whole summer which will be about 3.5 months and this leisure activities is just one, the other leisure activities I would still do like going to the movies, buying video games or eating out etc.
Extra Money
Since I have about $611.29 left over the question what am I going to do with all of this surplus money? Will like I mentioned before I can you the money, save up for a couple of months and use the money for the vacations I want because most of them are out of the country and require a hotel rooms and flights. I can also use this money for buying gifts for birthday or holidays or maybe buy some pets like a chipmunk or something like that because pets like that would cost a lot of money for the food and proper shelter and warmth, etc. I would also use extra money for buying extra groceries if I have extra people coming over or just eating out more.
My Typical Week
An architect should:
Have strong visual awareness and an eye for detail.
Have good drawing skills, with the ability to work in three dimensions (3D)
Be inventive and imaginative.
Be passionate about buildings and building the environment.
Care about people and the environment.
Have proper math, science and art knowledge.
Architect Firms
I have found a small video about architect firms on youtube, hope you enjoy :)
Real Game Presentation - Architect
By, Mahdi F. Naimi
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