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protein synthesis

No description

Ann Lipsker

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of protein synthesis

protein synthesis tRNA
the genetic code consists of 64 triplet codons
20 amino acids
3 stop codona (UAA,UAG,UGA)
start codon - AUG is methionine.
structure amino acid arm - the acceptor stem
CCA-3' binds to an amino acid

TpsiC arm - a loop with a pseudouridin
an isomer of uridine

anticodon loop arm - contains the unit
of 3 bases that correspond to the codons
in the mRNA. Each anticodons can bind to
one or more codons.

D arm - contains dihydrouridine
it is fully saturated and has no duoble bonds
allowing the tRNA to be flexible wobble interactions codon - anti codon interactions -
one tRNA can interact with more
that 1 codon
wobble rules - C with G or I
A with U or I
G with C or U
U A, G ot I
therefore less than 61 types
of tRNA are needed in 1 cell.

the wobble interaction occures at the
5' end of the anticodon and the 3' end of the

wobble interactions are non watson-crick base pairing
the 3rd position in the codon is frequently degenerated codon-anticodon base pairing is antiparallel tRNA activation aminoacyl tRNA synthesase
enzyme that acylates tRNA aminoacyl group - a
carboxyl group that lost a
hydrogen one enzyme for each amino acid
there can different types of tRNA
(for each aminoacid, therefore for each
tRNA syynthesase) - isoacceptors each enzyme attaches to -
1)amino acid
3)isoacceptor ATP + aminaocid PPi + aminoacyl-AMP aminoacyl-AMP +tRNA AMP + tRAN-aminoacyl this mechanism provides
accuracy mRNA Ribosomes structure open reading frame intiation starts at AUG codon and stops at a stop codon is determined by the start codon
and every subsequent triplet will
be read as a codon untill reaching the
stop codon mutation affecting translation frameshift mutation (e.g.Wayne alpha hemoglobin) normal -globin .ACG .UCU .AAA .UAC .CGU .UAA.GCU GGA GC UCG

mutated region missense mutation (AGC Ser to AGA Arg)
nonsense mutation (UGG Trp to UGU stop)
read through, reverse termintor (UAA stop to CAA Gln) bacterial eukaryotic 50s - 23s + 5s + 35 proteins large subunit small subunit S is the unit svedberg - a rate of sedimentation in centrifugion, not of size 30s - 16s + 21 proteins 70S 80S 60s- 28s +5s+5.8s+ 49 proteins 40s - 18s + 33 proteins polysomes are mRNAs in a translation process with multiple ribosomes attached to it. direction of translation from 5' to 3'
direction od synthesis from N terminus to C terminus proteins have structural role
RNA is the catalytic part
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