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Social Media in Your Job Search

No description

Brittany Manzer

on 23 February 2013

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Transcript of Social Media in Your Job Search

Get Involved & Stand Out Get Hired Research industries, careers, skills, and news

Get comfortable on social media sites (quality vs. quantity)

Follow companies and professionals

START networking & building relationships
Connect or follow people you already know (family, friends, and past employers)
Slowly add other students, staff, and faculty at UCR Add employers you meet on campus
Engage and support network (like, share,comment, etc)
Actively listen & share knowledge--Lend a virtual hand
Develop personal brand
Professional message/image
Create a central hub Identify opportunities & activate network
Initiate before applying to a job
Bridge in-person & virtual interactions
Join live chats hosted by companies
Utilize referrals as needed
Have recommendations on LinkedIn SOCIAL MEDIA
JOB SEARCH flavors.me
youtube pitch
wordpress Professional Branding Strategies & Tools Get Interested On... Get Interested LinkedIn Tutorial Create a LinkedIn profile & join the UCR Career Center group

Not sure how to join? Hang out with us live during the chats! Maintenance Checklist

Continually expand network
Nurture pre-employment relationships with recruiters
Set networking goals
Post updates and actively engage in groups
Keep current, rich content
Display powerful heading
Use as research tool Joining Groups
Career Interests Industry and Job specific


University related Professional Organizations
How to Get Involved:
Share info and brand yourself as a Subject Matter Expert
Be aware of networking opportunities
Engage others in conversation or find a mentor
Assess involvement and fit
Joining does not equal involvement!
Establish new groups Build Your Profile: Summary, Skills, and Updates Search Optimize Your Profile

Summary=your elevator pitch

Industry-specific keywords in Summary and relevant Specialties
Skill & Expertise—hint: use Skills tool!

Gain credibility by posting updates/links relevant to industry Build Your Profile:
Edit Mode and Experience Key Components
Use Headline to attract visitors

Appropriate photo

Relevant experience



Link to your company/professional blog, website, etc.

Claim custom URL & share it! Create & Optimize Profile

Projects, Publications, Honors, Test Scores, Certifications, Case Studies, and more!

Rearrange profile sections! Build Your Profile: Student Sections Recruiters use LinkedIn and students need to strengthen online presence 100% complete Current position

Two previous positions

Recommendations Resources in style! 1. Get Interested
2. Get Involved
& Stand Out
3. Get Hired How to share your brand:
Email signature
QR code on resume or contact card
Cross-promote on all sites or virtual portfolio Find companies with similar culture Job openings Company culture, news, featured projects. One-stop-shop research tool! Live online LinkedIn & Twitter chats with recruiters! Showcase your expertise, interest, and writing skills through a blog! An infographic resume can give you a creative edge, branding skills and experience relevant to your field. Tools:
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