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Teen Room Tour

Get a look around the Main Brookline Public Library's Teen Room!

Robin Brenner

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Teen Room Tour

Spark Start here! (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr The Teen Room at the Main Brookline Library is our space entirely devoted to teens: the collections, the diner booth, the comfy chairs, all for you teens. Computers read something new snap up
a short story check out
our book lists the rules Teens going into

are welcome to hang out in the Teen Room.

During the times school is not in session, we keep the room exclusively for teens. Adults and younger folks are allowed to come in and look for a book, but the hang out space is purely for Our staff is always here to help. The Teen Room is staffed by volunteers every day who are there to help you find titles, navigate the room, and make sure everyone in the room is having a great time. If there isn't a person in the room to help, look for the owl: she'll help you find where everything is in the room. Look for our teen librarian,

working either in the Teen Room or at either of our desks (the Reference Desk or the Information desk.)

If she's not visible and you have a question for her (or just want to say hi!), don't hesitate to ask another librarian to find her. She's always somewhere in the building. All of our

are marked with

to show they're new! We have fiction and nonfiction, so check these shelves to see what recent hits are waiting for you. Right next to our new books we shelve all of our

We have books on CD as well as Playaways, or

that hold an entire book. You will need to provide your own AAA batteries. listen to a good book On the right when you walk in is our

Here's where you'll find the latest titles added to the collection. We have

available exclusively
for teens (between the ages of 13 and 18). Work on homework, check Facebook, check out Youtube -- whatever you like. The Room's rules are posted by the front door for everyone to read. grades 7-12 teens Just plug in your headphones and start listening! four computers Our display holds our collection of When you're working on homework or just want to check on a definition, all of our reference and homework help books are on the bottom shelf of our nonfiction shelves. One of our best events of 2012: Tee Off @ the Library! If you ever have any questions about comics or Japanese manga, ask Teen Librarian Robin Brenner. She's a national expert on comics and graphic novels, and she's written a book on Japanese manga: what it is, why it's reading, and the power of visual literacy in telling stories. We have a wide selection of comics -- including graphic novels, Japanese manga, and comic strip collections -- for teens. If your favorite is Batgirl or Naruto, you're all set. And of course, we have a wide selection of novels! We collect all genres and authors, from realistic fiction to dystopia to historical adventures. Browse the hardcover collections for everything from the latest favorites to classics. We also have a wide selection of feature films, television shows, and Japanese anime DVDs. All of our DVDs in the Teen Room go up to the MPAA rating PG-13 or TV14. We also are sure to have nonfiction DVDs including study guides, history, award winning documentaries, and Shakespeare plays. Want to know the truth? We keep all sorts of intriguing and engaging nonfiction titles on the shelf in the Teen Room. Most of our titles are for fun rather than research, so if you're looking for materials for your latest paper, check out the nonfiction collection upstairs for more titles. Learning about history should be like hearing gossip about people you know. The best biographies combine the appeal of the latest news with impeccable research, and our biography and memoir collection is built to connect you with the lives, loves, and inspirations of remarkable people both famous and infamous. Speaking of infamous, check out another of Robin's favorites:

You may think all you need to know is that Arnold was a traitor, but he was also a war hero, a clever politician, an ardent suitor, and a rebellious hothead.

She dares you to get through the prologue without wanting to keep reading immediately. Tired of lugging around heavy hardcovers? We make sure to keep the latest and greatest in teen literature in paperbacks to help keep your book bag a bit lighter. On the other side of the DVD shelves, you'll find our Summer Reading List titles (noted as YA RL in the catalog) and our series paperbacks like Gossip Girl and Bluford High. Looking for more to read? We have lists of all the award winners and themed lists in our binders in the Teen Room. You can also check out our booklists online at the Teen Room blog. We keep at least the last year of a variety of teen magazines on everything from skateboarding to comics to gaming to news. Whether you're searching for a title, looking for magazine articles, or want to take a crack at a new language, our catalog computers give you access to the library catalog and all of our many online services from requesting ebooks and audiobooks for download to researching media history with Pop Culture Universe. Ask any librarian for help with our online resources! Relax in our comfy rocker chairs (just try to remember not to surf on them, tempting though it may be.) Our shiny red diner booth is a favorite homework hang out - so next time you have a group project, stop on by. One of Robin's recent favorites is the spooky, romantic original fairy tale,

Rich language, a strong portrait of sisters, and an accusation of witchcraft make this one tough to put down. Also, if you like listening to stories, this one has a fantastic audio version. The latest new nonfiction titles are on display at the end of the new books shelf -- you'll see them right when you come in the door. Brookline Public Library Teen Room
at the Main Library true lives new book shelf new
nonfiction look it up get the facts reel
world watch! paperbacks to go read! comics &
graphic novels Join us for all sorts of teen programs throughout the year open to teens in grades 7 to 12. Our Japanese Manga & Anime club meets every month. magazines search
here portable audio players audiobooks new titles green tape ask for help Robin Brenner Chime by Franny Billingsley The Notorious Benedict Arnold Welcome to the Teen Room! short stories
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