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No description

Simran Kaur

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Constellations

Other Facts
Legends/different stars
How do constellations get there name?
When you look at the sky you see different constellations moving around .
You see constellations moving around ,because since the earth is revolving on its axis .The constellations are moving around with it too.
What are constellations?

Constellations are a type of map that helps you to find your way.Long time ago when people were sailing in there boats .If they would get lost they would look up at the stars and they could find there way.Even pioneers use to look at the stars to find their way.
Constellations are located up in the sky at nighttime.
Constellations get there names from Greeks and Romans.The names of the constellations are a part of Greece and Rome culture.In spring , autumn,summer,winter there are different constellations that appear.
Did you know that ....
By :Simran Rakhra
Where are constellations are located.
stars form a shape which is called constellation
constellation are grouped in different categories
-constellation names were made by greeks,romans,eygyptians
Circumpolar constellations
-The big dipper
- Cassiopeia
- Perseus
Constellations Of Autumn
- Cygnus, The swan
- Lyra, The lyre
- Pegasus, The winged horse
 -Aquila, the eagle
The Constellations Of Winter
- Orion The Hunter
- Andromeda
- Taurus, The Bull
-Canis Major, The Great Dog
Constellations Of Spring
 -Gemini, The Twins
 -Leo, The Lion
-Virgo, The Virgin
The Major Constellations
Constellations Of Summer
- Bootes, The Herdsman
- Sagittarius, The Archer
-Scorpio, The Scorpion
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