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Broadband Taskforce

No description

AEDC Anchorage, AK

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Broadband Taskforce

Task Force Comments AMEP Incubator Space Catapault Consulting EA Games, Bacardi apps
Manufacturing projects - DOD, BP
Meadery Broadband “Broadband is the greatest infrastructure challenge of the early 21st century.” The Problem Vision “By 2020, every Alaskan has 100 mbps broadband connectivity.” Cost $1B for new microwave, fiber & satellite system construction
$200M for upgrades to existing systems Why? Commerce, Business Development, Entrepreneurship Access to high-speed broadband is vital to keeping rural and urban Alaska globally competitive
Significant number of rural communities do not have even basic broadband connectivity
Distance delivery of vital government, education, healthcare services and E-commerce opportunities all rely on availability of high-speed broadband availability
Lack of high-speed broadband based statewide public safety communications system
- The Federal Communications Commission,
“Connecting America: The National Broadband Plan” (2010) “…to develop greater opportunities through new technology, economic empowerment and all the opportunity that broadband deployment brings.” - Commissioner Susan Bell, Department of
Commerce, Community & Economic Development
(2/22/2011) Letter to Alaska Broadband Task Force Members $1.2 Billion estimated total cost Government e-services
Education K thru post-secondary
Public Safety Gov. & Edu. Regional, national & global competitiveness
Resource Extraction Existing Fiber/Microwave Infrastructure & GCI TERRA Places without High-Speed Broadband Proposed Network to Connect Places www.akbroadbandtaskforce.com Example of Microwave & Fiber Optic Middle-Mile Cost to Eagle Proposed Line
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