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Famous Literary Works & Writers

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Vivienne Aleno

on 23 February 2014

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Transcript of Famous Literary Works & Writers

A Visayan Creation Myth
Sicalac & Sicavay
Other Literary Works
-Ang Among Kabantang by Fernando Buyser-Aquino

-Our Pride translated by Juliet B. Samonte

-Letter to Pedro, U.S. Citezen, Also Called Pete by Rene Estella Amper

-The Clay Pipe by Marcel M. Navarra

-The Chambers of the Sea by Edith L. Tiempo
Edith L. Tiempo, Fernando Buyser-Aquino, Marcel M. Navarra
Legend of Dumaguete
The story dates back to the distant past. It was the glorious and chivalrous time of the Spanish senores and the Moros. Now, the moros plundering the neighboring islands, abducting the women and the children, who, were told, were being ground and minted into money and gold by the Moros. These plundering grew very intense in some nearby islands and there were terrible rumors that these moros were coming to Dumaguete. It was not called ”dumaguete” then. The people were concerned and they prayed hard for protection. The families gathered at night to pray to the nuestra senora and to santa catalina to deliver them from this danger. The people had the special devotion to santa catalina and santa plight, she was swift I giving them her protection.
Santa catalina was known to have a stalwart and a military woman. Every time the moros intended invading the island she would send a swarm of of bees to cover the whole place, so that it would be seen from a far as a big cloud, swallowing the island into the bosom of the horizon; so the moros could not find the island.

In Central Visayas
Famous Literary Works & Writers
*The story is about how the first people
appeared on earth*It tells a story of equal birthing of man and woman throughout the archipelago thatassert a woman’s equal position with a man within the tribal systems.

Moral Lesson:
*We should only do things or decisions as long as it is necessary and acceptable.*We should always accept that things happen for a reason and that all things on Earthcome to an end*We should obey the authority for us to be safe but, we should also remember to obeyonly those that obey the moral policies or rules.*We should be careful not to love or marry somebody else other than the one we marriedand we have promised to love forever because it is one of God’s will.
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