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Vitamin C

No description

Faiza Almontaser

on 26 January 2013

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Transcript of Vitamin C

Vitamin C What is vitamin C? Essential vitamin
Water soluble If the orange juice gets microwaved for two minutes then the vitamin C will decrease because
according to Kader and Lee vitamin C decreases when it is heated. Hypothesis Experiment Independent Variable: Microwaving

Dependent Variable: Iodine and vitamin C

Controls: Same amount of storage, same species and farmed in the United States. Variables Question How does post-harvest affect
the content of vitamin C ? Vitamin C pill
Microwave one orange for two minutes
Unchanged orange
Use the process of titration
Calculate the results Class Results Sources of Errors Slowing down after the color started to
change in all trials
Testing the unchanged orange one day later after the experimental orange was tested
Identifying the same color change for all trials Changes To Improve The Experiment Further Questions Use another vegetable or fruit
Use one orange instead of two oranges
Do six trials instead of three trials Is freezing and microwaving really the only post-harvest factors that decreases the content of vitamin C?

If another citrus fruit or vegetable that contain vitamin C was used, will it react the same way that the microwaved orange did? Thank you for joining me on my journey! Results Vitamin C Facts Limes and berries (Jacques Cartier 1556)
Idea of citrus fruits (James Lind, 1742)
Discovered vitamin C (Albert Szents-Gyoloyi)
Primates including humans don't have the gene to make vitamin C
DNA mutation Vitamin C Benefits Contain antioxidants
Prevents scurvy
Fights infections and flues
Heal cuts
Gives energy
Prevents heart diseases
42% less chance of stroke Research Vitamin C decreases after post harvest
(Kader and Lee)

High and low temperatures decreases the content of vitamin C
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